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It had been one day plus. But my mind is still very disturbed by the sudden incidence.

Sudden death after breakfast. What happen? Choke? myocardial infarction? stoke? etc etc etc. why is there sudden cardiac arrest?
This two days, i keep asking myself, what will be the outcome if i'm there, if i'm there to start CPR immediately or do the Helmich manuevour immediately, will this be able to reverse the whole incidence? I'm puzzled, i'm sad, i'm very very shock and in still not reach acceptance stage for the news.

My heart was pounding very very fast when i receive the phone call. Even though i'm not there, but i felt like my heart is there. True enough, as human being, my first instinct is ask God, Why, God, why her? she is so young, she is so energetic, she did so much for God, she help so much in church? why her? why? So how about her 3 children, they still yet reach adolescent age, who's going to take care of them? She play such an important role in church, who is going to replace her responsibilty in future?

Having face certain amount of life and death for few years, i still couldn't accept that this happen in my close friend. Ya God is in charge of our life. Our life is in God's hand. My faith in God had not been shaken, but how about others? will they still trust God? I may not understand why is this happen, but i'm sure God know. He always know what is He doing, and He only give His children the Best.

Anyway, suddenly i realize, our life is just so fragile. Life n death can just happen in few minutes. Just like in delivery room, baby can be delivered in few minutes time, anyone can loss their life in few minutes time as well.

Talk about primary prevention, i seriously have no idea how can this be prevent. Get everyone to learn CPR? will this help? i dono.

I'm sad seeing my parents being so sad. I felt useless as i couldn't do anything to this. I'm stuck in Seremban cause i'm pursueing my degree and having exam this week.
I seriously dono how will their future be, esp the children, 3 children with one use to be my piano student.

What i can do now is just pray pray and pray and bless God's healing and peace to be upon all my loved one.

R.I.P. Beloved friend.

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