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About being old

Well, being in phase 2 for one year plus plus plus make me leave most my memory on phase 1 behind long long time ago, but this morn, when we met with juniors who came for nursing week, well, it's a mix feeling for us. They are just 2 sem in IMU, and we are 2 sem from leaving IMU. And the funniest thing is the junior ask me, er, are u student from clinical school or houseman here? then when i told them i'm sem 9, the proptosis eye and shock expression make me felt that i'm getting older and older. Then when i share this with my friend, he told me, "i'm sorry to say that, u look old enough to be a houseman edy"......=_=lll

Oh well, life goes on. Being in paeds for 3 weeks, seeing all the neonatal baby, premature baby, looking at the super tiny little baby, which weight 700g or 1300g, i mean those born in 28 weeks or 32 weeks, i was amazed how wonderful life is!! You know, God's creation is so great that even a small baby can survive in the incubator for so long. Looking at the babies, i really salute them for being able to thrive inside the incubator. Their hands and legs are soooooo small, i really wonder how the doctors able to find the vein and insert line into the vein.... God is really GREAT!

Few days ago, we have class with a doctor, who ask us talk about financial management in young doctors, and he share with us the wonderful of giving. Although he didnt really teach much in class, but i think he really make an effort into building our character, and let us know that studying medicine doesn't means becoming a nerd and just study, we must build our character during this 5 years period. I kind of agree with him when he say that responsible attitude is not build up in short period of time one, it reflect alot on ur upbringing and family background. Really, now i seen few medical students who are such irresponsible and make "sick" and having an "MC" as a big excuse to absent class. Seriosly, i still think one my friend that always told me she is sick everytime she absent from class is immunocompromised. How can a normal person get sick for 3 times just in one month?? If i get sick once in a month i will get scolded by my mum edy, i dono why her parents never do anything about this. sigh.

Ok i think i should stop here and should not simply crap anymore if not i'll become the most hate-able bitch in this uni. LOL.

TIll then.

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