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One down

Phew........ so i finish the first posting of my final year posting. Surgery. It's the first posting i went through when i just came Seremban. But this time, it's really very different from last time. Prob this time i'm more hardworking or i adapted to the life like this edy....Or probably is because of motivation from friends and the presence of Dato' in the ward......

Remember the week before we started, i told yuanliang, well, if really no choice, i dont mind stay 4 weeks in Dato's ward cause my surgery is super super bad, so i dont mind working harder this time. So everyday, we'll be in the ward at 6.45am, sound early huh? when we work, if reach 5.45am oso felt not early enough lor. LOL. So thanks for the days of waking up early in morning and go back to ward cover ward at night every alternate days, we now finish our surgery posting.

So next the posting with limited patient and plenty of doctorssssss. LOL. Oh well, since i long time no post let me just put up my family photo here. Just edit it to become in calender view so ppl dont simply violate my family photo. The person i referred to probably need the diagnosis of schizophrenia and being kept in psy ward since his existence is harmful to public and oso public properties.

Well, that's all.

Oh ya i want to say something here, since my blog had gone into dormant and not that ppl will read my blog, let me just mention something about my exam this week. Cause the lecturer that suppose to take me had exam on friday, so i had no choice but to continue go ward everyday till my exam day. Then on Tue, which is the day most of my friends having exam with different lecturers, i go to ward faithfully, and dato came and ask me where's his student that he suppose to take for exam, so i call the student, one absent, not in seremban apparently, and since the person sound that she just woke up and sound so sick and tell me that she's sick, so i told dato'. then since dato want to finish exam on tue, so i ask whether i can take exam on tue and swap with his student, he say ok no problem, so i end up go take exam randomly.......without any preparation. =_=lll now think back i oso felt i'm quite brave cause the day before tue i was online shopping and online playing games at home, happily thinking that since my exam on friday so there's nothing to read so urgently. But anyway, i'm glad i did that cause if not now i wont be here typing this crappy post and doing such useless thing.

Till then.

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