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Well, since i'm in blogging mode recently. I think this the advantage of having 24-hour wireless internet connection at home. In seremban due to using maxis broadband and dono when i'll exceed the limit and bad connection, i seldom online and thus dont feel like blogging.......

So will post photos of my new year 2011. I remember, the night before 31Dec i go A&E department do "overnight call" wth my batchmates, quite peaceful the yellow and red zone actually, only green zone full of patients. LOL. And since that day is public holiday, i think cause that malaysia team wont the football match punya holiday if i not mistaken. So i slept from 8am to 3pm on 31Dec2010. Then at night only go meet my church friends.

We went Melaka. One of the very ulu resort which the direction given is after came out from the toll, pass by 10 traffic lights and then turn left then pass by a bridge then came to a mamak stall and turn left again then go straight.

Some photos: the cacat-ed fire crackles that night, oh cause we reach very late so when we reach edy near count down time, just manage to capture some fire crackles pic like this........

Oh and the gifts exchange time, i'm quite lucky to get this very big gifts which is a champaign~~ =)
Me and pei fen the one that prepare this gift! Many thanks...*Hugz*

After count down, some of us still very semangat and went to Melaka town eat satay celup.
I went but didnt eat, thanks to my posterior tongue ulcer.

Pictures of the resort, call El Sanctuary.
It's own by a Christian and had been used for many Christian event. They had a drum and a piano there, cool....

And pictures of my resort-mate.

After coming back from satey celup trip at 4am, we manage to catch few hours sleep and the next morning force to wake up early early to do all these outdoor and indoor game.

The reward is a nice lunchie at a Portugese restaurant!
No lar, we pay ourselves one.

And the Melaka town trip. Wah that day Melaka town is so super jam and so many tourist there!!! really traffic jam all the way.

Picture of me n Niklaz in Melaka Jongker street.
They say that bridge is call couple bridge. haha.

Ok we are still in CNY mode, i think i gain more kilos during this festival. Worse is my hometown friend ask me don't eat anymore. OMG. I think i sure will had either relapse or acute exacerbation of symptoms when i go back Seremban.

Till then.

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