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Ok, since i oso dono why my blog kena blocked by dono what thing and dono why my blog kena spam, but anyway, since it's kena spam so i'm just gonna post up some photos here. Not my photo definitely, just some skincare brand that i think is good n would like to have it if i'm a spoiltbrat / rich-ppl-daughter. LOL

Well, this brand is very good, i heard from long long time ago,

Brand name is For Beloved One it's super expensive btw. haha.

This brand i used their BB Cream for more than 2 years and it's not finishing yet.

Dr G is the brand name. very good n expensive oso i think. haha

3rd, i got a feeling that this brand is good oso,
I like their BB Cream.

4th brand name is Oslee,

I think is good oso, economic oso.

One more, this brand is chloe intro to me one, and now i think it's good n is using this brand. is a japanese brand.

Shu Uemura. famous one wei. hahaha.

ok lar, i should just stop here if not i no need to study edy n no study means i cant answer questions by the doctors in the hospital.

Till then.

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