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photo update

Random post. Very superly random. I just want to upload pics here. Some random pictures taken recently.

This is the super Cheeeeeeeesy pizza. Initially plan to write a blog for the i'm crazy for cheese blog post to win the RM 2000 from nuffnang, but i realize i only took 3 pictures when i went for this cheesy pizza last week. So since cannot write that blog, so show cheese here. haha.
OK, a super guilty portion of pizza that i had eaten. T_T ok i should continue my strict diet plan....................

Next a super random photo with this cute girl, i posted her photo here last time, but now she is prettier, and more friendly, so i decided to put up her photo. Her name is Angel. Cute right...
She make me look so un-cute in this picture. LOL.

Since i had not been camwhoring for very very long time, and not posted up photos here, so let's put up some "nice" pic of myself, since this is my blog.

I think soon i 'll become those bimbo-ish girl, but i dont think i will cause i gone through the period being look down by those bimbotic girl and those girls that judge person by "cover".

Ok, last thing i really want to complain about this Apple customer service cause they put me on hold for >20 minutes when i call to esquire about my order, until i cannot tahan and turn off the phone. And i think i had called Apple customer service for more than 10 times but my problem still not yet solved and i dont really know why they want to do that to customer. Such bad customer service reflect on how bad the Malaysian Apple company is...........................................Sigh. 1st world product, 3rd world service..............

Till then.

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