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ok lar, since i so wanted to keep my blog update, and got lots of things to blog but dono what to talk about here now. Let's show one super very extremely fake photo of mine. Kena cheated by some make up artist while buying moisturizing cream in the shop to go take this photo, and being make up until so extreme (+ ugly) and hair being make until like that (like old lady) and been forced to post like a crazy girl there just to take one photo. T_T BAD BAD BAD experience!!!!

So now the photo.......It look so super duper very very really truely whatever-ly UNLIKE me. Look old, ugly and fake. And one more note, that thick-make-up woman that cause my hair like that is a super not friendly + bad attitude woman, no wonder hair-do oso so not professional. sigh.

Ok embarass one time enough. random post. Till then.

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