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stress 2

ok i dono i got how many more stress post to post here........EOS EOS EOS.

Sometime i really wondering why m i still studying, when ppl of my age are suppose to be happily graduate and earning money now. lol. Anyway i really think i'm seriously nerd. My daily activities are the same. Books. Study. Hospital. CSU. People go kopitiam yum cha, we all go kopitiam study. And make the kopitiam like our uni library, bring all the thick thick book there, and our mp3, then start study there and sit their place for long long hours. And i think now the kopitiam staff all know us edy, cause we this bunch of nerd everyday go there study. haha. too bad seremban only got one starbucks and the starbucks is so noisy and not a nice place to study.

ok i'm random. and i read back the post i write few days ago, suddenly i feel bad for my friends, cause they are really really very nice to me, n hope that i can change, that's why they give me so many advice. Really glad for all my friends.

And ya, btw, let me declare here, i'm superly extremely confirm that i dont have AN!!!!!!! because according to DSM-IV, all the criterias MUST be met, but i dont have amenorrhea, this enough to exclude me from the diagnosis of AN!! and since i dont have clinically significant functional impair, and since stress will make someone to eat more, so my symptoms had been improved alot alot. haahahha. Now i really dono what will i do after i finsih exam. Cause now i keep tell myself because my brain need nutrient and energy, so i need to eat. And i m anticipating a serious regret and extreme restrictive type of AN symptoms happen after my exam. haha, i hope i can lar, cannot keep putting weight like this, it's so depressing to see my weight not dropping nowadays, and it's more distressing to see myself gain 1kg.

anyway, i should go sleep now so i can continue study tomorow. sigh, study again. i really sound like a nerd, and my blog really been "nerd"ified by me. Ok after exam, i must start blogging again. So many pending post in my draft box and all written halfway and stop cause i got other things to do, and after that, i'll forget about the post in the draft......lol.

ok, till then.

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