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Ok since i had been super antisocial recently....... ok i think i got mental block, i dono what to type here.

aiya since i soooooo super long no take my own picture, and i pity my so good function hp, ok i forgot what's the model of my hp edy oso actually. =_= e770? G400?! dono lar. k la, since it's mental block, let's just show some pictures here

I went back hometown during mother's day. because i miss my mum. and i hope can go back during father's day oso, after i survive my current posting. T_T
Nice wallpaper, i think my sister do one.

Oh btw, i got a new house now!! but my room is still super duper empty cause my mum say since i sooooooo super seldom go back so no need so fast put things in my room. Lol. i think my sister have enough blog post of my new house, i'll post picture if i remember to save the picture in my pendrive when i come uni. I'm super nerd now, even blogging oso need to use uni computer in library. =_=

Lastly, my friend had keep wanted to diagnose me as the ICD-10 Chapter V F50 disease, which i strongly deny it. so i decided to show my own picture here, i'm no difference from before k. i'm going to stay in denial state and refuse to proceed to acceptance phase. T_T

This one taken few months ago, i forgot when edy. so chubby right!

This one taken oso long long time ago.

ok, so now tell me i'm not anorexic!!!

Till then.

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