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Hair Cut - Finally

Hi ya i'm blogging again.
Ok paeds posting timetable is not that taxing compare to other posting. but still, alot to cover. And one funny phenomenon in HTJ paeds ward is that, the Consultant/Specialist/MO/HO/MedicalStudentssss are double(or more) the number of patients. Which i think probably shortage of doctors is no more an issue in our country, shortage of good quality doctors n doctors in rural area should be stressed on more!!

Anyway, talk about paediatric.....i like cute kids, but i'm scare of crying kids. I enjoy playing with kids when they response to me but i find it weird/embarassing when i try to talk to a kid and didn't get any response from the kid. But i like the OPD of paeds department in HTJ. So nice. haha.
It's themed under-the-sea i think. =)

Alright apart from studies, let's talk about food. I went to this restaurant with my church friends last sunday after church service. And i think this super spicy "Ma Lak" mee worth to be blogged about. It's really spicy, look at the colour oso i felt nauseated.
Pity the stomach of my poor junior that had to digest all this.

Oh ya, after one year +++++++, i finally cut my hair. Cause the last time i cut my hair, it cost me so much $$$ which i'm scare of cutting hair anymore. This time i think it's much cheaper. I didnt use my dad's money to pay for it anyway. Thanks the kind angel.
So my hair go from this long....... er this a photo taken in Genting last month.
( oh btw this is my favourite outdoor game in Genting themepark. haha.)

to this short.
ok not that short i know, but it still shorter. =_=

Till then.

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