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what i did today

I seldom update my blog this often nowaday, but then nvm lar, since i'm making my laptop go into hibernate period for few days, so i mights well update today.

We went diabetic clinic this morning, and we went into this room that check for eyes. So just for the fun of it, we check our own eyes, like liang say, "maybe got incidental finding leh". and true enough, i think ar, our eyes stare at the laptop too much nowadays, so it looks abit dry. Too bad i dont have picture to show, if not i can go ask some doctor to diagnose me, cause i really dono are all those white colour things exudate. all 3 of us liang-yap-me's eye have the same condition wor. hahahaha. and hor, i think some of the patient's eyes are better than us. LOL

Just some random pictures took in the clinic. Ok i'm gonna say again, i super seldom update my blog this fast one. Can't believe i'm actually update on the stuff i did this morning. LOL. normally it will took forever for me to blog about some event.=_=
A picture with the sister there. She is so super nice one wor. Klinik Kesihatan Seremban should be very fortunate to have such nice nurse like her. =)
another photo with the sister. Yap - Liang - SiLing, siling looks different n prettier with her new hairstyle. =) haha, thanks to her, now i win my bet. ^_^

And we did this wu-liao stuff while waiting for the patients to come in to the room. Because that mirror really got magic one, it will make you look nicer, and this reminds me of the mirror of the stepmother of SnowWhite. ok i'm lame. lol.
erm, that mirror actually use for Snellen chart one, cause need 6m, but the distance between the table and the chart is only 3m. Smart invention/idea.

Oh ya this afternoon the SRC election that took us only 45 minutes is really fun. hope the new SRC will do a good job. All the best to Jo. haha.

and this afternoon, result scale out oso. LOL.
so let's show the most discussed picture on it,
want die whole group die together. =_=

one more thing, i think Prof Teng is super efficient lor, i email him once i finish my survey piloting in hospital this evening and he replied my email in less than 15 minutes, and YEAH, now i can start my research and hope i'll get it done asap so dont have to worry about this anymore. All the best to me lar.

Till then. tomorrow will be a long day. again. i want to watch Sherlock Holmes lar......T_T

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i mau watch also!!!! n avatar!!!

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