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This week is MO week. So timetable super free. Not many class in the afternoon. Actually this means that i can go back sleep after the morning class. But than, because my house under renovation, then the worker that my landlord hired dono doing what outside my house, hit this hit that, carry this carry that, grill here grill there.......create all the noise pollution that destroy my mood to take a nap in the afternoon. sigh.
Just hope this renovation finish asap la, i still find it very weird that my landlord renovate the house when there are tenants staying in the house. Poor Siewkim cause her room is the most affected one. Luckily my landlord never say want renovate upstair rooms. If not...T_T...

Ok i got nothing much to blog now, my life is not as interesting as it should be, i dont have so many holidays as my dearest sister did. That she get to go back hometown almost every weekend. While i'm stuck in Seremban almost every weekend. lol.

Here's some random photos.

This one taken in the clinic.
See the amount of patient's cards!!!!! Really salute the doctor in government clinic.

This actually reminds me of my experience to orthopedic outpatient department 2 years ago, cause i waited from 9am till 12pm outside the clinic, just to get to see a doctor for my tendon repair follow up. And the worst thing happen that time is, when i go inside the room, the doctor told me that my case notes are all kept by the specialist and the specialist is currently in the operation theatre doing surgery, so he dono what's the management plan for me currently. =_=lll

This photo of bao. For KL whom currently in Adelaide and probably wont have a chance to eat bao anymore. LOL. and for miss sohsiling oso. haha
Because i went pasar malam yesterday. haha.

And, because i bought a teens magazine for my cfcs patient to relieve her boredom while transfusing blood in the hospital......but in the end she didnt come for the blood transfusion la. So the magazine was wasted in my house living room currently. Then today i open it n read, and i saw this......youngster nowadays.
change partner like change clothes. =_=lll Because the world had change or i'm getting older. LOL

a photo of the pretty girls of my hometown church, example of youngster nowadays.
I hope they grow up to be good girls. haha. damn random. the one far right is my sister btw.

this photo taken in Alor Setar.
in some park. i love the bridge. =)

Last random photo, super random.
Taken when i'm really bore and realize i had not camwhore for quite sometime. ok enough.

Ps-the photos quality of this post had been destroyed by me cause i think photo editing is very fun.

ok i should be studying.

Till then.

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