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= So currently 8 churches kena attack edy. The latest one was in Seremban, the city where i'm staying. sigh, so scary one those ppl. can't they just stop it. Haiz. =

ok let's blog about something happy. Cooking is happy. really. maybe i never really cook before, and i'm really very bad in cooking so that day get to cook, so happy. LOL. swt me.

randomly, we decided to cook. cause that day we went pasar, so decided to buy vege and ingredient to cook.

one unrelated photo, my house is undergone renovation now, where got landlord go renovate the house while tenants still living in the house one. sigh.
so my house is dirty everyday. T_T

back to topic,
Apparently, siewkim is a very good cook wor.
things that we cook. haha. mostly siewkim cook one. i only know how to cook soup. =_=
let me show u how i failed in cooking.
sigh who ask my house no gas, so everything cooked by the induction cooker, that we cant really estimate the heat. haha. those are hangus garlic, if u still dono.lol

anyway, the mushroom cooked was nice. LOL

oh ya, because my house dont have enough plates/spoon/folks, so those who coming over for dinner were asked to bring their own set.
ok i find it funny when they appear in front of my house with their plates. esp jerming's plate that lipsiang holding. very funny la. hahaha.

one picture @ my house living room. while waiting for our rice. cause our rice cooker was used to cook soup, so we have no more rice cooker, so priscilla have to cook for us using her rice cooker n bring to our house. hence this pic was taken while waiting.
lipsiang is sleeping on liang's thigh. =_=

ok, final photo of the food.
*droollllssss* hope can cook again lar. Now i have to think of how to get rid of the white carrots in my fridge, cause cheekeen ask me dont put inside the soup, but i edy cut it into small pieces, so........=_=lll

Till then.

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Yvonne said...

white carrot? why they dun wan put into soup? haha...
u cook one soup 4 urself lo with those carrot....haha...

i wan the fried egg. look nice. hehe...

about the churches being bomb, i just pray tat God is protecting over us...

now in AIMST. so boring, beginning of semester, many class cancel...

so thursday going back home again, coz is an indian festival, my uni holiday. =_= .haiz...and monday kedah holiday. so i can go bak for 5 days by my fren's car..

oh ya, i sae my result already for Year 1 Semester 1: my CGPA is 3.87...i get into Dean List.
i got 7A and 2B.
Praise God! MUET result out yesterday too. got band 4!! hehe...

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