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Church Attack

I first heard this news before the presentation of IMS started yesterday, in lecture hall. SiewKim told me that. I was shocked!!! Dono what's wrong with some people out there, that got nothing better to do, so decided to go bom churches. =_=

For those who dono the news, here's the summary of the church attacks:

First attack was by motorcyclists who threw a helmet filled with flammable liquid at the Metro Tabernacle Church in Desa Melawati, causing a fire that burned books and chairs near here, at midnight. Its administrative office was gutted in the attack.

The second attack was at about 4am at the Church of Assumption in Petaling Jaya, where a Molotov cocktail thrown by a motorcyclist failed to break and explode. There were several Catholics attending a prayer session at the time.

The third incident took place at the Life Chapel Church in Section 17, Petaling Jaya at 9am, where two Molotov cocktails, also thrown by a motorcyclist, exploded to blacken the walls of the porch and upper-storey window of the two-storey church building.

In addition, a priest at St Francis Xavier, a Catholic church in Petaling Jaya, lodged a police report over a caller threatening to torch the church.

Another pastor was reportedly manhandled by four men later in the night.

However according to our IGP,
"This is not a well-planned, coordinated attack so people should not be scared

Quote from The Malaysian Insider, read here and here. Chinese newspaper news read here.

Oh well, I am a Christian for >10 years, my parents are leaders in church, all my siblings go church faithfully every week and involve actively in church activities. This news really a BIG news for us. I had talked to my sister, who is still back in hometown with my parents, all of them are very concern about this issues, and my mum had send regards to some her friends in KL, who churches were involved.

But ok, here comes my un-professionalism. I know i shouldn't make fun of all these, ppl are sad over church burning, and i should show sympathy and my concern to all these. Yupe, i'm really worry about the Christian and churches throughout the country. And really hope all these will stop very soon.

But then, personally, i think there's something that i should make fun of, to cheer myself up. I just hope i wont kena ISA.
1st: I think, the second attack in PJ is kind of stupid. The attacker is super unfortunate. I really want to draw a big =_=lll to that attacker. LOL
2nd: i watched the news on NTV7 yesterday night, when they show the video of those guys protesting in front of dono-what's-the-name-of-that Masjid......i think hor, the Cushingnoid guy that shout the slogan out there is sooooo funny. I burst up laughing while watching the news with siewkim and cheekeen. It's really entertaining!!!!
3rd: read an article from sinchew, the Head of the Police in Perak say this: "....霹靂州的人民都是相當理性的...", while commenting about there is no incidence of church attack in Perak. LOL. So should i be proud of myself as a Perak-ian?! hahahaha.

ok, i'm done commenting on this issues. Let's send our regards to those churches that kena attack, and pray for a better future. It's definitely not a good way to start a new year like this. 1 Malaysia. Jia You. =_=lll

Lastly, a picture of the cookies that my dear friend Chloe bought for me n siewkim from Japan.

Cute leh. Thanks so much chloe dear. Miss you soooooo much and Love ya!!! Take care there. =)

Till then.

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