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Read from MMR website about the launching of another medical school in malaysia.
Ok, this not really a surprise news for us. Our very own lecturers from IMU edy told us few months ago. During the first IMS section we have with Prof Cheong, he edy told us that that's his last lecture with us as he is leaving IMU soon, to become the founding dean of the medical school in UTAR. And there's lots of rumours around saying some lecturers from our faculty will left our uni to go there, etc etc etc.

This shows what, our country's healthcare system had improved? maybe gua, there's just sooooo many houseman in HTJ currently. Can't imagine by the time i graduate, one HO just need to take care of 2-3 patients in one ward edy lar.....LOL, jk. next time coming to HTJ to work will be very tough edy la i think.

Oh ya, and about the 1 Malaysia clinic, i really surprise the sprouting of Klinik Kesihatan in Malaysia. I still remember when i go back hometown during Christmas last year, along the way from the toll to Sitiawan, there's at least 3-4 newly built Klinik Kesihatan at the roadside. So next time there is super high chance of us doctor being send to rural area la, be prepared!! Haha.

Ok enough useless comments..=_=

Some pictures took recently.

Because that day in class we discuss about vaccination, so we decided to go check our Hep B antibody. and since is the same machine, we go test for HIV/HepC/HepBAb all together. Lol, i know we r wasting resources of government hospital, but nvm la. At least now we all confirm are HIV negative. =_=lll
Ya, that's not the thing i want to say, what i want to mention here is, because they took each other's blood --> Yap took blood from Siling and vice versa, then i dono what's wrong with both of them, Siling's cubital fossa become hematoma after that. Hence this a picture of siling showing her haematoma hand, not that obvious in the photo, but really pity her lar.......
A photo of both of them, when they came over my place to eat the super salty soup that i cooked.

........because i cooked the soup for too long and i put too much salt i think. LOL. but both of them super give face, they finished the soup.
and this sohsiling make me cook maggi for her oso. haha.

Then last Thursday is Seremban's public holiday, sultan's bday i think. We all got one day off. So, we went yumcha. and they put the yumcha time at 12.30am. =_=lll
I go there drink mocha oso no use, still so sleepy there. LOL

And my housemate Jo finally turn 21 years old last friday. So, we went celebrate.

........and take in those carcinogenic food cook by this carcinogenic pot.
future doctor konon-nya. haha.

and hor, 2 houses of ppl go celebrate only, but we drove 4 cars there. so not environment friendly lei. hahahaaha.
This is sohsiling posing in front of all the 4 cars with her aborigine-hairstyle kim make for her.

Last photo, group photo.
i lazy name all, basically is my house + siling's house ppl + mich + cindy + cheek + ekguan + ian + lippy

Ps: My landlord go hire ppl renovate my house, so i got all those noise pollution everyday nowadays, so annoying. sigh. T_T

Till then.

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