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About Car

Liang fetch me to university and hospital everyday, together with siling.
So these few weeks, his car is really not that fortunate, and i really really felt bad for him.

One day before Christmas eve, after yumcha with ssl and yap, he n ssl went church fetch me cause i practice piano for the christmas eve performance till super late night, around 1.30am. and his car tyre puncture upon reaching my church. so there goes our 1st experience of changing car tyre at 1.30am.

That's enough, then this friday, on our way going to IMU, in front of that army camp near my house, his car kena hit by a Mercedes.
cause his car is a proton car, so, here's the end result of that "light" hit.

and, something worth mentioning here, the owner/driver of that Mercedes that hit his car is the owner of the law firm at Seremban City Centre. The circled law firm in the picture.
so when we came down from the car to see the car damage after the hit, and get the number from that car owner so he can pay back the car repair money, he told us his name, Datuk T. Rajagopalu, and he oso mention that he hold some well-known position here in seremban, so anything just give him a call. And thanks to google search, we confirm that he is not lying, he is the state MIC chairman of N.Sembilan.

The next day, when Liang go ask money from him, he only willing to pay RM200, when the estimate car repair expenses is RM250. =_=, are all lawyers that stingy???

Sigh, he is a lawyer, i should not launch a personal attack to him here cause he knows how to play with the law and sue me back. But i'm putting this up just because we are not very happy with what's happening. And I felt bad again for YuanLiang's car.

Anyway, hope everything will be fine, and no more car accident and tyre punctual. i had consider myself as super unfortunate car passager edy. sigh.

A picture of the very hardworking friends that i have in university, that really motivate me to be more hardworking. lol.
SohSiLing - Yap - Qian - Liang, the gffuu/bffuu/lfuu(s)

Till then.

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