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just to blog

This week is MO week. So timetable super free. Not many class in the afternoon. Actually this means that i can go back sleep after the morning class. But than, because my house under renovation, then the worker that my landlord hired dono doing what outside my house, hit this hit that, carry this carry that, grill here grill there.......create all the noise pollution that destroy my mood to take a nap in the afternoon. sigh.
Just hope this renovation finish asap la, i still find it very weird that my landlord renovate the house when there are tenants staying in the house. Poor Siewkim cause her room is the most affected one. Luckily my landlord never say want renovate upstair rooms. If not...T_T...

Ok i got nothing much to blog now, my life is not as interesting as it should be, i dont have so many holidays as my dearest sister did. That she get to go back hometown almost every weekend. While i'm stuck in Seremban almost every weekend. lol.

Here's some random photos.

This one taken in the clinic.
See the amount of patient's cards!!!!! Really salute the doctor in government clinic.

This actually reminds me of my experience to orthopedic outpatient department 2 years ago, cause i waited from 9am till 12pm outside the clinic, just to get to see a doctor for my tendon repair follow up. And the worst thing happen that time is, when i go inside the room, the doctor told me that my case notes are all kept by the specialist and the specialist is currently in the operation theatre doing surgery, so he dono what's the management plan for me currently. =_=lll

This photo of bao. For KL whom currently in Adelaide and probably wont have a chance to eat bao anymore. LOL. and for miss sohsiling oso. haha
Because i went pasar malam yesterday. haha.

And, because i bought a teens magazine for my cfcs patient to relieve her boredom while transfusing blood in the hospital......but in the end she didnt come for the blood transfusion la. So the magazine was wasted in my house living room currently. Then today i open it n read, and i saw this......youngster nowadays.
change partner like change clothes. =_=lll Because the world had change or i'm getting older. LOL

a photo of the pretty girls of my hometown church, example of youngster nowadays.
I hope they grow up to be good girls. haha. damn random. the one far right is my sister btw.

this photo taken in Alor Setar.
in some park. i love the bridge. =)

Last random photo, super random.
Taken when i'm really bore and realize i had not camwhore for quite sometime. ok enough.

Ps-the photos quality of this post had been destroyed by me cause i think photo editing is very fun.

ok i should be studying.

Till then.

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Read from MMR website about the launching of another medical school in malaysia.
Ok, this not really a surprise news for us. Our very own lecturers from IMU edy told us few months ago. During the first IMS section we have with Prof Cheong, he edy told us that that's his last lecture with us as he is leaving IMU soon, to become the founding dean of the medical school in UTAR. And there's lots of rumours around saying some lecturers from our faculty will left our uni to go there, etc etc etc.

This shows what, our country's healthcare system had improved? maybe gua, there's just sooooo many houseman in HTJ currently. Can't imagine by the time i graduate, one HO just need to take care of 2-3 patients in one ward edy lar.....LOL, jk. next time coming to HTJ to work will be very tough edy la i think.

Oh ya, and about the 1 Malaysia clinic, i really surprise the sprouting of Klinik Kesihatan in Malaysia. I still remember when i go back hometown during Christmas last year, along the way from the toll to Sitiawan, there's at least 3-4 newly built Klinik Kesihatan at the roadside. So next time there is super high chance of us doctor being send to rural area la, be prepared!! Haha.

Ok enough useless comments..=_=

Some pictures took recently.

Because that day in class we discuss about vaccination, so we decided to go check our Hep B antibody. and since is the same machine, we go test for HIV/HepC/HepBAb all together. Lol, i know we r wasting resources of government hospital, but nvm la. At least now we all confirm are HIV negative. =_=lll
Ya, that's not the thing i want to say, what i want to mention here is, because they took each other's blood --> Yap took blood from Siling and vice versa, then i dono what's wrong with both of them, Siling's cubital fossa become hematoma after that. Hence this a picture of siling showing her haematoma hand, not that obvious in the photo, but really pity her lar.......
A photo of both of them, when they came over my place to eat the super salty soup that i cooked.

........because i cooked the soup for too long and i put too much salt i think. LOL. but both of them super give face, they finished the soup.
and this sohsiling make me cook maggi for her oso. haha.

Then last Thursday is Seremban's public holiday, sultan's bday i think. We all got one day off. So, we went yumcha. and they put the yumcha time at 12.30am. =_=lll
I go there drink mocha oso no use, still so sleepy there. LOL

And my housemate Jo finally turn 21 years old last friday. So, we went celebrate.

........and take in those carcinogenic food cook by this carcinogenic pot.
future doctor konon-nya. haha.

and hor, 2 houses of ppl go celebrate only, but we drove 4 cars there. so not environment friendly lei. hahahaaha.
This is sohsiling posing in front of all the 4 cars with her aborigine-hairstyle kim make for her.

Last photo, group photo.
i lazy name all, basically is my house + siling's house ppl + mich + cindy + cheek + ekguan + ian + lippy

Ps: My landlord go hire ppl renovate my house, so i got all those noise pollution everyday nowadays, so annoying. sigh. T_T

Till then.

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= So currently 8 churches kena attack edy. The latest one was in Seremban, the city where i'm staying. sigh, so scary one those ppl. can't they just stop it. Haiz. =

ok let's blog about something happy. Cooking is happy. really. maybe i never really cook before, and i'm really very bad in cooking so that day get to cook, so happy. LOL. swt me.

randomly, we decided to cook. cause that day we went pasar, so decided to buy vege and ingredient to cook.

one unrelated photo, my house is undergone renovation now, where got landlord go renovate the house while tenants still living in the house one. sigh.
so my house is dirty everyday. T_T

back to topic,
Apparently, siewkim is a very good cook wor.
things that we cook. haha. mostly siewkim cook one. i only know how to cook soup. =_=
let me show u how i failed in cooking.
sigh who ask my house no gas, so everything cooked by the induction cooker, that we cant really estimate the heat. haha. those are hangus garlic, if u still dono.lol

anyway, the mushroom cooked was nice. LOL

oh ya, because my house dont have enough plates/spoon/folks, so those who coming over for dinner were asked to bring their own set.
ok i find it funny when they appear in front of my house with their plates. esp jerming's plate that lipsiang holding. very funny la. hahaha.

one picture @ my house living room. while waiting for our rice. cause our rice cooker was used to cook soup, so we have no more rice cooker, so priscilla have to cook for us using her rice cooker n bring to our house. hence this pic was taken while waiting.
lipsiang is sleeping on liang's thigh. =_=

ok, final photo of the food.
*droollllssss* hope can cook again lar. Now i have to think of how to get rid of the white carrots in my fridge, cause cheekeen ask me dont put inside the soup, but i edy cut it into small pieces, so........=_=lll

Till then.

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About Car

Liang fetch me to university and hospital everyday, together with siling.
So these few weeks, his car is really not that fortunate, and i really really felt bad for him.

One day before Christmas eve, after yumcha with ssl and yap, he n ssl went church fetch me cause i practice piano for the christmas eve performance till super late night, around 1.30am. and his car tyre puncture upon reaching my church. so there goes our 1st experience of changing car tyre at 1.30am.

That's enough, then this friday, on our way going to IMU, in front of that army camp near my house, his car kena hit by a Mercedes.
cause his car is a proton car, so, here's the end result of that "light" hit.

and, something worth mentioning here, the owner/driver of that Mercedes that hit his car is the owner of the law firm at Seremban City Centre. The circled law firm in the picture.
so when we came down from the car to see the car damage after the hit, and get the number from that car owner so he can pay back the car repair money, he told us his name, Datuk T. Rajagopalu, and he oso mention that he hold some well-known position here in seremban, so anything just give him a call. And thanks to google search, we confirm that he is not lying, he is the state MIC chairman of N.Sembilan.

The next day, when Liang go ask money from him, he only willing to pay RM200, when the estimate car repair expenses is RM250. =_=, are all lawyers that stingy???

Sigh, he is a lawyer, i should not launch a personal attack to him here cause he knows how to play with the law and sue me back. But i'm putting this up just because we are not very happy with what's happening. And I felt bad again for YuanLiang's car.

Anyway, hope everything will be fine, and no more car accident and tyre punctual. i had consider myself as super unfortunate car passager edy. sigh.

A picture of the very hardworking friends that i have in university, that really motivate me to be more hardworking. lol.
SohSiLing - Yap - Qian - Liang, the gffuu/bffuu/lfuu(s)

Till then.

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Church Attack

I first heard this news before the presentation of IMS started yesterday, in lecture hall. SiewKim told me that. I was shocked!!! Dono what's wrong with some people out there, that got nothing better to do, so decided to go bom churches. =_=

For those who dono the news, here's the summary of the church attacks:

First attack was by motorcyclists who threw a helmet filled with flammable liquid at the Metro Tabernacle Church in Desa Melawati, causing a fire that burned books and chairs near here, at midnight. Its administrative office was gutted in the attack.

The second attack was at about 4am at the Church of Assumption in Petaling Jaya, where a Molotov cocktail thrown by a motorcyclist failed to break and explode. There were several Catholics attending a prayer session at the time.

The third incident took place at the Life Chapel Church in Section 17, Petaling Jaya at 9am, where two Molotov cocktails, also thrown by a motorcyclist, exploded to blacken the walls of the porch and upper-storey window of the two-storey church building.

In addition, a priest at St Francis Xavier, a Catholic church in Petaling Jaya, lodged a police report over a caller threatening to torch the church.

Another pastor was reportedly manhandled by four men later in the night.

However according to our IGP,
"This is not a well-planned, coordinated attack so people should not be scared

Quote from The Malaysian Insider, read here and here. Chinese newspaper news read here.

Oh well, I am a Christian for >10 years, my parents are leaders in church, all my siblings go church faithfully every week and involve actively in church activities. This news really a BIG news for us. I had talked to my sister, who is still back in hometown with my parents, all of them are very concern about this issues, and my mum had send regards to some her friends in KL, who churches were involved.

But ok, here comes my un-professionalism. I know i shouldn't make fun of all these, ppl are sad over church burning, and i should show sympathy and my concern to all these. Yupe, i'm really worry about the Christian and churches throughout the country. And really hope all these will stop very soon.

But then, personally, i think there's something that i should make fun of, to cheer myself up. I just hope i wont kena ISA.
1st: I think, the second attack in PJ is kind of stupid. The attacker is super unfortunate. I really want to draw a big =_=lll to that attacker. LOL
2nd: i watched the news on NTV7 yesterday night, when they show the video of those guys protesting in front of dono-what's-the-name-of-that Masjid......i think hor, the Cushingnoid guy that shout the slogan out there is sooooo funny. I burst up laughing while watching the news with siewkim and cheekeen. It's really entertaining!!!!
3rd: read an article from sinchew, the Head of the Police in Perak say this: "....霹靂州的人民都是相當理性的...", while commenting about there is no incidence of church attack in Perak. LOL. So should i be proud of myself as a Perak-ian?! hahahaha.

ok, i'm done commenting on this issues. Let's send our regards to those churches that kena attack, and pray for a better future. It's definitely not a good way to start a new year like this. 1 Malaysia. Jia You. =_=lll

Lastly, a picture of the cookies that my dear friend Chloe bought for me n siewkim from Japan.

Cute leh. Thanks so much chloe dear. Miss you soooooo much and Love ya!!! Take care there. =)

Till then.

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what i did today

I seldom update my blog this often nowaday, but then nvm lar, since i'm making my laptop go into hibernate period for few days, so i mights well update today.

We went diabetic clinic this morning, and we went into this room that check for eyes. So just for the fun of it, we check our own eyes, like liang say, "maybe got incidental finding leh". and true enough, i think ar, our eyes stare at the laptop too much nowadays, so it looks abit dry. Too bad i dont have picture to show, if not i can go ask some doctor to diagnose me, cause i really dono are all those white colour things exudate. all 3 of us liang-yap-me's eye have the same condition wor. hahahaha. and hor, i think some of the patient's eyes are better than us. LOL

Just some random pictures took in the clinic. Ok i'm gonna say again, i super seldom update my blog this fast one. Can't believe i'm actually update on the stuff i did this morning. LOL. normally it will took forever for me to blog about some event.=_=
A picture with the sister there. She is so super nice one wor. Klinik Kesihatan Seremban should be very fortunate to have such nice nurse like her. =)
another photo with the sister. Yap - Liang - SiLing, siling looks different n prettier with her new hairstyle. =) haha, thanks to her, now i win my bet. ^_^

And we did this wu-liao stuff while waiting for the patients to come in to the room. Because that mirror really got magic one, it will make you look nicer, and this reminds me of the mirror of the stepmother of SnowWhite. ok i'm lame. lol.
erm, that mirror actually use for Snellen chart one, cause need 6m, but the distance between the table and the chart is only 3m. Smart invention/idea.

Oh ya this afternoon the SRC election that took us only 45 minutes is really fun. hope the new SRC will do a good job. All the best to Jo. haha.

and this afternoon, result scale out oso. LOL.
so let's show the most discussed picture on it,
want die whole group die together. =_=

one more thing, i think Prof Teng is super efficient lor, i email him once i finish my survey piloting in hospital this evening and he replied my email in less than 15 minutes, and YEAH, now i can start my research and hope i'll get it done asap so dont have to worry about this anymore. All the best to me lar.

Till then. tomorrow will be a long day. again. i want to watch Sherlock Holmes lar......T_T

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