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This Month

Oh ya i just realize it's already DECEMBER. suppose to be a holiday month one, but this year this month.......no holiday for me, even Christmas i oso dono will i have holiday. and i'm pretty sure i got class during my birthday oso. T_T

so exam coming soon, reports due soon, need to apply for attachments, and deal with some issues. Ok btw i know my social circle had shrink alot alot oso, it's the 2nd time in the week someone ask me, "u really don't have social life one ar?" this is how sad my life had turn into. T_T lol, i'm just kidding, i still got friends one la.

hope i can cope lar. I miss shopping so super much now......

Oh ya i find that investigating for PUO is very fun, like House episode wor. that's the only fun thing about internal med, other than those super intensive study needed. @_@

Till then.

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