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new year eve

Today is new year eve, few more hours we will say bye bye to 2009.

ok my blog is super super lack recently. no update at all. ok lar i oso dono how to explain this, but i guess cause i went out too often, then when come back too tire go sleep, ok even i half way chatting with people i will doze off n sleep one, SWT to myself.

Ya, i went back hometown last week. this picture took with my dear "daughter", pretty n cute leh my daughter. hahahahaha.
miss her.=)

anyway, i have a good bday celebration this monday, thanks to all my friends.......
another photo that kena spam gao gao in facebook. LOL

other photos i upload next time lar......

Ok i had been using miss sohsiling's ipod shuffle everyday currently, so let's make my new year wish --> a new ipod shuffle. haha.
another few more no-shopping months for me again. lol.

Till then. happy new year everyone, pls enjoy urself, dont get spray like a brainless people. be careful wherever you are. Hope bus driver drive carefully and the tragedy that happen during christmas period wont happen again. ya i'm too random edy. lol.

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