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december ar

Blog is getting more n more dead. Haiz, December suppose to be a happy month one leh, but this month really very hectic ar...sigh what to do, exams n more exams, spending time in wards and library. its not fun. Anyway, i'm just exaggerating, actually i do have some fun this week, despite having exam on friday, which is this morning.

Monday study hard.
Tuesday went to the Christmas event rehearsal. Help to make the door gifts, and stay in uni till super late.
Wednesday night is the Christmas event, and is Miss SohSiLing's birthday too. So went for the event, then after that go liang's place cut cake ceremony with her. haha.
Thursday i dono what i'm doing edy, but i think i'm super stress cause of exam.
Friday finally i got sick. After the whole gang of my friends get sick one by one last week, i actually still super proud of my body's immune system this monday, cause i proudly claim that i'm very healthy. But now....headahce + fever + myalgia + etc. sigh. Hope i get well soon, still got two more paper exam to sit for next week one leh. @_@

Ok that's all i want to type now. Since i went hospital everyday, here's the picture of me n sohsiling @ hospital, while waiting for our case presentation to start. ^_^

And one more, photo taken during the Christmas Event on Wednesday. Super cool lar, those cello / violin performance!!!
and Esther can sing very well too. =)

hope the rest of december 2009 can be fun lar.

Till then.

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