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the suppose "batch" bbq

Ok if i dont blog now i oso dono when i'll update my blog again. Next week whole week need go PD in the morning. Everday got CP somemore. wahhhh...T_T
Last Fri i spent the whole morning there talking to one person only. Cause RCC is quite rare here, and usage of IFN n IL therapy and complication of it is quite a new topic oso, so i should get as many info as possible if i ever have chance to talk to the person.
Ok just ignore the last sentence, i'm just being nerd here.

Let's blog about the BBQ party we had last last week. Since it was announce as "the bbq will be held at Qian Hui's house", so i'll show the pictures here lar. Ok, i'm not the host ok, held at my house cause it's big n got a huge front yard. And since my housemates are in the most free posting now (while i'm in the busiest ever posting T_T). So they decided to organize some happening party...ok ok enough description on the party. It's basically just a random gathering.
oh btw, Chloe dear and Pei-Wen were both down in Seremban joining us for the party too. =) =)

Random pictures when they start bbq-ing...

Pizza, as usual, is the most convenient food to buy if ever there's a potluck party.
Chloe n Pei-Wen happily looking at the pizza while Siew Kim give a big sweet smile to the camera. Haha.

These, are the super hardworking ppl....see their shirt oso know edy.
Cause they went oncall in stead of coming to the bbq party that night. Hardworking lei, DK's ward mar...lol.

Pictures inside the house...
pei-qian-chloe n jo laughing so happily behind. cause he just bullied someone. =p

wth the pizza. =)

Ya since my house got few super huge pillars, and the equation goes like this :
ex-IMCC + pillar = pool dance + climbing up the pillar. This is what happen....
Tjun Hoe
Ding Yang
See the similarity?! told ya the equation works!

oh ya, it rains before they finish bbq-ing....so they bbq in rain, using an umbrella.
=_=lll haha, jk lar. The bbq ended up become cooking + microwave section in my house's kitchen.

More random photos...
Pretty Chloe n me.=)
Chloe n Pei-Wen....Miss so much ya!!!

Finally few group pictures.

The girls
Clockwise: - Xiao Li - Cindy - Mezhen - Karmen - Chui Mun - Siew Kim - Christy - Priscilla - Mian Li - Michelle - Qian Hui - Chloe - Pei-Wen - Diana -

The guys , aiya i cannot find a proper n nicer picture, everyone look natural here.
everyone except ek guan the photographer.

Group pictures!!


#3 i oso dono why need to take a back photo. LOL.

Ya, that's about the bbq party.


Another 2 not-related photo...just want to show here.
This one taken in the ward. wth miss sohsiling n our dear friend.
i think i should go check my thal trait cause i suspect i got mild thal symptoms. =_=lll jk.

Another one,
TNB makes a joke wth us, cut off the electricity on the night before our reports submission day. If it's the day before exam i think i will cry.
So we light out candle to study and i think "burning midnight oil" this phrase is very suitable to use in the situation that night. LOL.
the candle that jo suspected i stole it from church. swt lar him. >_<

Ok i should post up pictures of Chui Mun n Si Ling's cooking sections here oso. Next time lar. Sigh, come seremban, cannot cook oso need to cook edy. That's survival skill.

Hope i have fun wth CPsss whole week in HPD. and hope i wont get TB. and hope infectious disease ppl wont cough into my face again. and hope i wont get prick by needles.

And Happy Birthday to Sookie and Chee Leong. Stay pretty and handsome forever. =)

Till then.

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