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new moon

ok i dono what to talk about here. unless i want to express my appology my batchmates that drove me around in Seremban. that they bang their car or accidentally knock into something when i'm in the car.

first time is dy's car, which if u see his car now, u will notice some abnormality, his car no right side mirror one. It's gone in the accident last last week. second time is yest yap's car back bump into one rock/stone i think, but that one nothing, except he went into emo state after that. third time in pris's car when her car oso knock some rock i think, and three time oso i was in the car. =_=lll.
i feel so bad that i dont want to capital letter my sentences now....sigh.

Anyway, read this, New Moon is coming out soon. Malaysia is 26th Nov if i not mistaken, i saw that in one cinema last week. Can watch Edward Cullen again... haha.

ya i'm done crapping. Got nothing much to say here. internal med wor. they say now our face look so super sad compared to last time, which i dono izit true oso lar. but i really think i'm happier in surgery. lol. ok, i'm not emo-ing here, just crapping.

Till then.

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