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Lost contact

Ok i dono m i really super busy or i just lazy to blog, i look through the pictures i took using my hp, and i realized actually got alot of pictures to show here one. Just i dono which photo should i post up here.

Just talked to one of my friend from Skudai and realized that i had not keep in touch wth super lots ppl for so long edy. Those my ex-church members, i never keep in touch wth them since coming to seremban. Those my secondary school friends lagi worst, most of them i super duper long time didnt really keep in touch wth them. I'm such a bad friend. Ppl like Yvon loi oso i contact once in a while thru facebook only, sigh so many things to catch up with her. And my dearest Chloe in Bukit Jalil too i didnt see her for very long oso. So miss everyone out there...

Aiks, since my blog is so dead so let's blog something lar. lolz.

Here's picture taken for the past few weeks. Start from the day before our reports due. Ok reports due the next day we still can go surprise chui mun during her birthday...
The crowd

The cake.

is on the day before my exam, and the day siling finish her exam. Sigh who ask me get the super strict professor that "loves" me so much just because i'm posting leader but didnt give me high marks during exam. T_T So my exam time is the last one among the whole group...
But that night since miss sohsiling spent >5 hours cooking, so i went over for dinner. Kena drag by jo actually...@_@
She suppose to cook one, but still posing there. LOLzz, jk, she got cook ok, yummy food somemore..haha =)

Then is the night after exam. They went sing k, first round craze. Then came back for another crazy section of cards game. I only join the cards game round. And chee keen brought this....
40% alcohol i think.
It's a punishment tool. T_T

Ding Yang's face spoilt the picture. @_@ Qian - Mezhen - Ding yang - Liang

Ok all of us went to bed super duper late that night, then the next day afternoon still go to the village IMU adopted to do health screening. Very "professional" leh us. The night before still play super crazily. The next day go do charity work. =_=lll

Photos... i upload most in facebook edy.
Us taking picture before departure... Jo - Qian - Siling - Liang
Us at the van. Qian - Siling - Liang - Chuimun, with Snellen Chart. Cause HoWai see that i'm lepak-ing there and not helping in holding anything, so pass that to me ask me take care of it.

The bridge that we crossed, the road to the kampung. It's under the sea bridge.

This photo taken by SiewKim, our famouse blogger doctor, Dr James Koh aka jimbo that in charge of this Kg Angkat project.

Yeng leh. haha.

I think both me n siling looks like kindergarden teacher in this picture.
Haha. So cute lar the kids there. And i do enjoy doing charity work there. =)

And Finally, i change posting, to Internal Medicine. The stress level is.....i oso dono how to descibe. But still can breathe, nvm.
This photo taken after TBL. Thanks to Prof Chin make us come out wth all the charts and tables...
Poser Siling n Abel. Lol.

Then last week, 4th day of our new posting, cause those family medicine ppl super free, so we kena drag to this restaurant near MBO for dinner. Ok we suppose to go there only after end of posting one, but..yea, i dono why family medicine really that free ar?? wait till i go that posting lar. hehe.
I dono what is jo doing lar.

The girls, Mian - Kim - Chuimun

Me trying to be happy and pose with the food there.

Ok that's about it for now. I need go read up more on Cardiology, cause since i got a superb Cardiologist as my tutor and he said i never ask him for help or ask him to guide me one, so i should be more hardworking i think.

Till then.

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