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Because i go hospital almost everyday, and i had taken up this field as my future career, so i deal with sick n ill n even death ppl everyday.

My exam is on last Friday, the end of surgery posting exam. Ok i'm not going to talk about that exam, cause there's nothing much to talk, it was supposingly a medical case that kena suspected surgically and admit in to that ward, and the diagnosis quite clear oso. Ok, exam aside, i still want to type about last Friday.

Last Friday, i saw one operation, done by our clinical school ex-dean. To talk about that operation, i want to talk about the uncle.

Me n Yap met the patient less than one month ago, in the ward, when we dont have class in that afternoon, and i keep asking+forcing him go that ward with me. Poor him kena drag by me to go ward do unethical stuff. =_=lll

But then, when we were in the ward, few specialists came in, and cause me n yap was just hanging around there, looking like got nothing to do, so one specialist turned to us and said "later u guys talk to this patient ok, it's a good case to learn". So we started talking to the patient. and then half way a medical officer came and taught us quite alot of stuff related to that case. Then we followed the uncle to every investigation room he was assigned to in the hospital. That's how we built relationship with the uncle, and his wife.

The uncle, had NOT been admitted to hospital in his entire life, he was well and healthy all the while. This time suddenly felt gas in his stomach, and some other symptoms, so admitted in. Some investigation done, and the diagnosis was quite clear. But he discharged few days after that, so i never see him again.....

On last Thursday, which is the day before my exam, i went to hospital in the morning, but plan to go back uni earlier than usual to study. Then i bump into the uncle's wife at the staircase. She was carrying two super huge and heavy bags, walking up the stairs... So i offered to help her carry the bag, and followed her up to the ward. She told me, the uncle was readmitted cause an operation need to be done asap. The tumour had become bigger and bigger.

Ya, i know being in surgery posting is kind of depressing sometime cause u see lots n lots of cancer cases everyday. For this uncle, he NEVER been admitted to hospital before, and on 1st admission he edy got diagnosed as cancer. And before he knew that he got cancer, he jokingly told me "i'm already 70++, if there's anything happen, just accept it...".

Ok back to the story, yea, after i finish my exam on friday, i dragged Yap to go into OT to see the uncle's operation. It was done by DK, my uni Dean, and it was an emergency laparotomy case. After the resection, DK did show us the lesion, that's the first time i touched and hold a REAL stomach, and felt a tumour.

Uncle was fine after the operation. I talked to him few time after operation. Even this week i'm no more in surgery posting, i still went to his ward visit him. The last time i visited him, he was complained to me that he cant sleep well the night before cause the patient opposite his bed keep making noises, and when he want to sleep in the morning, lots of doctors+medical students kept coming to him and asked questions...He looked abit unhappy. So i just ask him rest well and leave the ward.

That night, i got oncall duty in the ward, ok basically is just forced to go to the ward at night so i got something to crap in my report. i went to all medical wards that night, and although i keep had this thinking of going to my favourite surgical ward, which is the ward the uncle admitted in, i didnt go. Cause i knew if i go there my friends will think i'm crazy edy. So ya, i didnt go. And after few hours i left hospital, the uncle die.

I was very shocked when my friend msg me that news yesterday. Because, that uncle was such a nice uncle, operation was done on him already, he used to be very healthy less than one month ago.......and now, he had gone forever.

Life is just so so so unpredictable. Really. I dono how to say. That's not the first time i saw ppl dying. Last friday, i just encountered another tragic death case in the same ward, that's accident case. Also, who can predict life? Only God knows what will happen to us next.

So just keep breathing and treasure every breath that we takes in.

Oh ya this Tuesday oso, before i went oncall duty in the ward, me n my friend involved in one accident. No one was hurt in the accident, just the car hit the motorcycle, the motorcyclist fall down from the motorcycle, in the middle of traffic. The motorcycle's mirror broke, the car's side mirror broke oso. And the motorcyclist asked for money from us by keep insisting that it's our fault. So, ya, no one can predict what will happen next.

Lastly, not because i dont want update blog, really alot of things happen recently, and plus now i got class till late evening almost everyday. And my tutor is the super smart professor with super high expectation, so......i'll stop here. Hope my next post will be an interesting one. I finish crap.

Till then.

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