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I decided to do a weekly update here. Ok, let's see what had i did for this week.

I went hospital after came back from church, cause i promise to go visit this blood transfusion pt.
I think hor, if i'm the one go blood transfusion every month, i will be damn depressing leh. Ok now i hope i'm not thal carrier. lol.

Go hospital in morning, then afternoon go class in uni.
That day, we all so semangat go venopuncture centre practice draw blood on each other, so in the end, miss sohsiling love me so much that she induced this haematoma on my hand.
Oh before the venopuncture, my arm oso kena tight so tightly till cyanose. I still cant believe the first time i saw a cyanose hand, that hand is actually my own hand. =_=lll
Ok,this the so called haematoma:
@ right cubital fossa.

Go hospital in the morning. Then afternoon go uni for class.
Oh ya saw KienJeen in clinical school that day. haha, sem 5 CNS hospital posting.
Evening went town for dinner wth dear SiewKimmie!!
No picture taken that day.

Morning go PD hospital. Then back to Seremban hospital. Then afternoon go uni for class.
Saw an ERCP.
Ok nothing much to talk about that. So let's just put siling n my picture here. Taken while we waiting outside the imaging room. Hahaha.
After class go CF. After CF go town again.
Yap send me a super funny youtube video that day. =_=lll lar. About our race.

Go Seremban hospital. Go PD hospital see 2 OGDS that takes less than 20 minutes in total. @_@. Prof Lionel super geng leh!!
Afternoon back uni for class.
Nothing special, except i shifted from sleeping in library to sleep at the classroom, while waiting the class to start...
Evening, ok, now i'm blogging.

Ok, in conclusion, my life is kind of boring.

So let's talk about something more interesting: the New Moon trailer!! Very nice wor!!!!

Edward Cullen!!!!!

Oh before end, i wanted to share this link here, it's our C209 batch's blog. Most of the announcement will be make through there, so pls check for updates. =)

Till then.

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