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Perfect Surgery HO

I wake up early this morning, although its a saturday morning i know...not i purposely want wake up so early one, just that i ter-slept very early yesterday, while i was half way msn-ing wth my friends, =_=lll, so i felt guity, so dont dare to sleep more when i wake up this morning... Nooo, i shouldn't sleep too much, it's a SIN!!! cause i need to utilize the time to do more important stuff...like studying, since Dr Chan told us our group got reading deficiency syndrome. *speechless*

Ok, while i was reading some blogs yest, i came across this blogpost, is from a blog of a MO who was also previously an IMU student. It was actually taken from page 4 of the book "Surgical Recall", and this makes me think of the HO (HouseOfficer) i see everyday in the wards. Ya, no one is perfect, if someone achieve all the criteria stated in the book, then i wonder is that HO a human being...lol

There's a super long list in the book, here's is some that i think is worth to share.
The Perfect Surgery HouseOfficer:
- Never complains
- Never hungry, thristy, or tired
- Never makes a fellow colleague look bad
- Smiles a lot and has a good sense of humour
- Never asks questions he can look up for himself
- Never wants to leave the hospital
- Is the first one to arrive at clinic and the last one to leave
- Reads from a surgery text everyday
- Never says "No" or "Maybe" to involvement in patient care
- Praises others when appropriate
- Gives credit where credit is due
- Has a steel bladder, a cast-iron stomach, and a heart of gold
- Does what the intern asks
- Is a high-speed, low-drag, hardcore HAMMERHEAD
(A hammerhead is an individual who places his head to the ground and hammers through any and all obstacles to get a job done and then asks for more work. One who gives 110% and never complains. One who desires work.)

And this one is related to us medical student:
A perfect surgery HouseOfficer
- Always makes sure there is a medical student in every case

Sigh too bad i'm now in my last week of Surgery Posting. I should have read this earlier and show this text to the HO in my ward so i can tag along wth them wherever they go so i can learn more. Ok, for my fellow friends that do Surgery posting next, remember this line and tag along with HO, u can really learn alot. =)
Er, ya i do go fan some HO some time, cause some of them really nice and kind n fun, really can learn from them. Besides that, we do have goodlooking smart MO that really teach alot, and Surgeon who are super geng and friendly one. I think ar, after i change posting, i will super miss Surgery Posting. haha.

Ok that's all for now. No pictures, all still in process, will post pictures and update my blog more next time la. Last week didnt blog cause of all the case summaries, case reports, IMS presentation, CFCS reports, CFCS presentation and TBLs, CSU, and my pure laziness.
Oh ya although i didnt update this blog but i update my twitter status super very often. lolz.

Till then.

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