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Mooncake Festival 2

Last year i celebrate Mooncake festical in KL. This year, i celebrate mooncake festival in PD. But i miss home still.

Anyway, since i have not been blogging for quite sometime, ok,i'm not too busy till no time blog, just that when i know that i got time to blog, i felt lazy to blog, cause i will think it's better if i go gain more sleep or wash my clothes or iron my clothes or clean my room or fb-ing...etc etc. So today i decided to blog, i think i should change my lazy habit. Exam in less than one month time...T_T

So these are some pictures in PD. Why PD? cause it's the nearest beach to Seremban and since i'm stuck in Seremban cannot go anywhere else so mar go there lor, since it's near. Ok last thursday i went PD twice in a day ok, morning is go hospital, then come back Seremban for class, then go PD again for home visit. Back to topic, so yeah, here's the pic. The rest all upload to fb edy. cause yuanliang keep saying i take pic edy oso dont want upload...

The lantern. Aiya beside the beach so windy, cannot light candle oso. Luckily Mich n Cindy n Ian are pro, so they manage to light up these few lantern. haha.

Ok because yuan liang complain that i treat him like spare tyre, he say i only find him when i got no other friend to find, which is super not true lar...
I camwhore wth him everytime and so super nice share my "gf" sohsiling wth him la...LOL. Ok all these just crap. We are all crazy housemates n neighbours. @_@

The only successful JUMP shot. blur, but ok edy lar, very difficult to take this type of pic one ok, i'm not pro. haha

Dear Kim mie!!! and Cindy! All so happy right, cause get to play lantern!! yeah...

Michelle and me. See mich's hp, she is sms wth ???......... hahaha....

oh not to forget to show this pic...
That night, there's one uncle, lost his way, then dono where he go....this pic taken by yuanliang one ok. and if ever u know who is that in the pic dont go n tell him i post his photo here cause later i will kena chap more by him. LOL

Next the shadow photos.
LOVE <3, can u guess who's hand is that? Clue : not mine. And whose shadows are these? *According to Mich* SuperTopModel shot. hahaha.

Since it's lantern festival, and burning lantern is our "tradition", so of course! we burn the lantern..er no lar the lantern burn itself, believe or not, cause it's so windy leh.

Oh we have our "mini" campfire there wor. LOL

Next 3 pictures are my favourite picture, i think SiewKim is pro in photo taking lar...very nice wor the 3 protrait photos. =)




Happy Belated mooncake festival dear all. haha.

Till then.

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