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Ok today is Sunday, i woke up early today, so decided to blog, but before i get to posted up this post my friend come fetch me go church, so this blog is few hours out-dated... lol

Btw i dono what to blog oso. Last week i had been through emo + happy + sad + grateful period. Always wanted to posted up here, but then i think again i decided not to, later i offend lots n lots of ppl then i will be sorry for myself. haha.

Ok i need to improve my english grammer now, cause after the lecturer mark my case report + case summary, he didnt comment much on my summary but comment on my grammer. Omgosh. =_=lll

Ok i still dono what to blog, let's show picture of me n sohsiling lar, in SOPD, Surgical OutPatient Department, HTJ.

Because we so semangat go there so early, when all the doctors havent start work, so have to wait outside. Ya i learn a lesson, next time dont go clinic so early, later i damn depressing again. Even a smile can't change anything. @_@

Next i took this photo last last week, now i look back i just realize my hp camera actually can take focus photo...
Guess what medication is that? Ok this medication doesn't belong to me, my Hb slightly low only, havent reach category of inject that medication.

I think this blog super random, so random photos i put up here. Since Terry is going to left us soon, and we celebrate his bday 2 weeks ago. So his photo here...
Guess how old is him? Ans in the photo..haha.

Miss Soh Si Ling
My gila-gila strawberryz+mushroom neighbour+groupmate+friend+wife. hahaha.

Oh last Monday, IMU clinical school have this lantern celebration, i didnt go lar, but after the celebration these ppl bring their tanglung n came my house...
So we took a picture before they left.

And after taking the picture, dono who so hand itchy...
Burn the lantern in front of my house. T_T

And this photo is like the super spammer photo in fb after few days...
210 comments one photo. I thought my exhousemate joohor cheeleong are the fb super spammer, mana tau my own batchmates are PRO-fb spammer...

Update: by the time i get to blog this, comments increase to 238 edy. =_=lll

Lastly, let me tell something here in my blog. Cause going to ward doing the same thing is too boring, so in order to make our life more meaningful, i decided to go stalk someone in the hospital, at least my life in hospital wont so boring. but then hor, ended up me n siling "fight" for 1 hour + in msn about who is better looking...when we suppose to study that night. omgosh. This is how we "fight". lol

The rest of the conversation goes about like this oso. And hor, because i pick the wrong person to stalk, so joohor say i hopeless edy, yuanliang oso dono how to say me liao, and this yap decided to ignore me everytime i make some stupid statement. So i should just go bang wall lar.. Ok i'm shifting ward this week, so...lol.

Ok i got nothing else to blog. Therefore, I'm going back to my life and continue breathing hospital air everyday. Now i miss Korea. I miss my daddy mummy, i miss home oso. And this the super SS photo taken in Korea.
ignore this pic.

Till then.

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