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of seremban

Ya, HELLO from Seremban. Start uni yesterday, and yupe, as all the seniors said, IMU Seremban is way way way DIFFERENT from IMU Bukit Jalil..sigh. The schedule is very pack.

Abit update on the life here, ok it's just my 3rd day in Seremban, i got really nice housemates, but our house no internet currently, so i m actually just stealing ppl's unsecure network to go online when i m free. haha

Ok about the orientation here, actually there's nothing, just briefing n briefing n more briefing n more more more briefingSSSSS.... and the performance night, which our batch ppl suppose to take charge of everything ourselves on next week. Oh ya and out of like 9 groups my group is the group in charge of dance. which i really dono what m i going to do next week. How i wish Chloe or Pei-Wen is here to help up...sigh sigh sigh.......

Anyway, i m starting off wth one of the very hectic posting, so i hope i can survive through next few months, all the best to me. =) Finish crapping.

Till then.

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