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No more break

School start. No more long break.
I shouldn't sound emo here. Let me blog about something that cheer me up.
The lunch n dinner we have on one weekend. When we r still in holiday mood, and didn't realize that there's so many things to do on the week ahead.

Ok this is yuanliang's hand cooking
I hate to confess this but, really, yuanliang and siewkim are good cook, and i dono how to cook. Cause my job is just taking pictures and washing dishes. @_@

Our food.
Ok if you realize out of 4 dishes, 3 dishes are prawn because the night before when we go buy prawn, the worker in Jusco simply put a price tag on the plastic bag and ask us go take ALL the prawns at the container there. So we have too much prawn n dono what to do with it and hence cook 3 dishes with the prawns...... Nvm 3 of us not allergic to seafood. haha.

This is yuan liang and his food. lol

Ok then after dinner time everyone is back from KL, so we drank the soup we cook in the afternoon. Cause we r too full so we didnt drink the soup for lunch. Keep for dinner and share to everyone. haha
Ok i edit the photo cause er, i just want to show the soup but i realize siling so happy in this pic so decided to not crop the pic. haha.

Habis cerita. Our life is that boring that even our happy moment spent at home watching TV together. lol. These are just crap.

Till then.

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