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Went Kuala Pilah this morning...wake up 5.45am just to get prepared so can reach there on time. I think my biological clock is getting more n more abnormal over these few weeks..sigh.
Ok my point is, even we reach uni sharp at the time stated, we still need to wait for others to come. Sigh, edy in clinical school, punctuality still a problem...*shake head*

Ok i should talk about Kuala Pilah. Because it's a new campus for IMU, and today was the first day ever in the history of IMU that IMU's students posted there. And we are the first group of ppl using that building to do our TBL...haha. Basically we just went there for SOPD, Ward work and TBL. Er after staying in HTJ for 2 weeks, and now finally got chance go other hospital, i think Kuala Pilah hospital is a very different experience for us. And learning @ SOPD HTAN is much better than learning @ SOPD HTJ. and we edy told our clinical school's dean this. Guess next batch will have to go HTAN more often edy.

Some pictures there. Ok i just realize i didnt take pic of IMU's building there. It's just a small building n we only occupied one floor of the building. Sigh i think i prefer the "white house" in batupahat more. haha.

Er HTAN in kuala pilah is nice lar,

and it's quiet, peaceful...reminds me of hospital KKB or hospital PD, small hospital. And the doctors and nurses there are much nicer!! =)
The corridor that u wont seen in HTJ.

Just that the driving up part abit hazard, it's around 1 hour drive from Seremban, and the road is winding, so can't speed.
Oh need to mention here, yuanliang's driving skill is super geng leh. He can even speed at this winding road...with me n sohsiling in the car....my precious life!!!!! LOL.

And u will get to see the nice sunrise if u go there earlier.
sorry my photo taking skill not good.
But according to Dato' Kanda, we just need to be there on reasonable time, so don't go so early. Cause he told us, "i dont want u all drive at 6.30am, it's such a dangerous hour to drive, pls drive safely, the road is very winding..." omgosh, he is quite fatherly and good what. And i think he is a very very good Doctor + Surgeon!!!=) Just that being in his ward make us need to go hospital almost everynight to cover ward...but nvm lar, get use to it can edy...

Ok finish talking about Kuala Pilah, let's show some pic of HTJ Seremban.
The corridor that i pass by everyday. And the ambulans that reduce our boringness during our A&E oncall time...jk.

The campus.

and the white board that we conteng during TBL yesterday. haha.

Lastly just random pic,
Taken during one of the dinner we have last weekend. =)

Till then.

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