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Internet drought

Yes, i wont die without internet, but i can’t denied the fact that laptop and internet is very important to me.

So i had been in Seremban, finish the “orientation week” here, ok it’s more like briefing week than orientation week, totally different from the bukit jalil’s, maybe we are too old to have our crazy orientation and the seniors here are too busy to orientate us. Even the orientation night our batch have to take care of everything, from invitation card, to emcee, to lighting, PA, performance, souvenirs, decoration, etc etc. But i think it’s really mafan lar, we edy got so many things to do still want us to perform. Worse still is, group ppl that seldom/never dance on stage before in a group that in-charge-of dance performance. Sigh. Ok, this is basically our orientation. Should thanks the seniors for briefing us all this cause they are really busy oso but they still take times to come and talk to us.

Oh ya suppose to talk about no internet, cause we move in the day before school start, and only apply for internet line on the 1st day, and we are not at home during day time, so it’s very difficult to get our line fix last week. But this week i highly doubt we got time to go back during day time oso. Nvm lar, we will just bear with it.

Ya, we got our first assignment on the 2nd day, to complete some few hours online course and pass all the tests and get the certificate and print out the certificate to submit to lecturer as proof. And in order to make sure we got our certificate “ethically”, we must write a summary on the course that we gone through and submit that to lecturer oso. Ok, thanks goodness we got good batchmates that really help each others up in getting the certificate. Most of us just got the cert in a very short time without finish reading the articles…Ok we read it for summary after getting the cert, so actually we still got abit ethics lar, at least… Haha. Oh ya did i mention that we even went starbucks just to finish our assignment cause our house don’t have internet…

Ok, since this blog post is just all about crapping, and i dont think it's worth reading, so i will just crap anything here. Cause now i m writing blog wth this Window Live Writer, which is a very good software i think. I started to write e-dairy everyday using this software since the first day in Seremban, due to no internet and i lazy to write in my own dairy book. Haha.

Let’s talk about our seremban house at rasah here. It’s big, huge, besar, spacious. But some of the facilities is not very good. Ok it’s a really good house edy, just for spoilt brat like me sometime will just make some noise. First 2 days i sleep without a curtain in my bedroom, so anyone can see through my room through the windows. Ok not like i got stalker. Then ya this is my first time staying in a house with solar heater. And the problem is the solar system got abit problem one, so all of us had been taking cold showers early morning and late night everyday. Cause we were out during day time. And first few days our front n backyard’s light is not working, same goes to most of the light in living room, so our house is super dark every night. For the kitchen, ok it’s fine, we got kind seniors that leave all the cooking utensils, plates, cups, etc etc behind for us to use. Siewkim found it after she “ransack” the whole kitchen. lol.

Ok i can goes on crap till 1000 words if i can, since i m going to write a 10,000 report for my CFCS thing in this 2 years time. So should start training to crap now…

Oh talk about CFCS, ya i got another story to tell!!!!! Cause this CFCS is some home visit thing, and 2 persons in one group, and we can’t change grouping, and will stuck wth the same person for 2 and half years. So we regard that as our temporary “life partner”. And know who is my group mate now? Siewkim n Sohsiling!!! Cause after the name list out, i check through the list, my name is not inside, everyone’s name is there except mine. So i decide to go to ask the sister-in-charge. First day she is not in, 2nd time i go find she is not there oso. 3rd time when i go take timetable, she is there, so i tell her my problem, and she just tell me, “oh ur name not in, ok lar i will add ur name in now”, so i tell her, '”sister, can i be in group 7?” she say “ok”. then i ask further, “sister, since there’s odd number in our batch, one group will have 3 ppl right, can i be in this group? *pointing at siewkim n siling’s group*”. The sister look at me, *i was expected her to scold me edy*, said “oh, which group? this one? ok i will put ur name in”. Then she proceed to her computer and add my name in and print out the new namelist……

I was shocked, omgosh, so easy i got into the group that i chose!! It’s miracle ok, miracle!!!!! This something that makes me happy after get pick by a lecturer on the 2nd day here. Cause i didnt answer his question, so i was kena bombared by him gao gao… he called me “sitiawan girl” cause i told her that’s where my hometown is. But i think i m ok wth it one lar. Luckily he is not a surgery lecturer, if yes, i will kena another bom by him again…..

Hhmm, i should talk about being a posting leader oso. Cause on the first day, the src came in, elect a batch representative, then IMS leader, then start to chose posting leaders, we got 3 posting in this semester. So 3 group leaders needed. And cause yuan liang edy be the IMS leader, so he ask me to volunteer to be posting leader cause he is in the same group as me. So without knowing what a posting leader is/what the job, i just raise my hand to volunteer. And…..ended up, after i talked to the senior, who is a previous posting leader, i need to do so many stuff…….T_T Thanks to yuan liang ar….haha. But he n siling help me alot in doing all the stuff lar, esp arranging groups, talk to the group members, etc etc…

oh i realize i edy crap for 1000+ words. This window live writer really good, can help me do word count. haha. Ok i shall proceed to finish my 400 words summary, which is another crapping again. Till then.

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