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I hate talking about this topic, but i really staying alone in this super big house during this holiday. Parents enjoying themselves at the conference in Taiwan, sister start school, brother start work, hometown house awaiting for the renovation. Housemates go back KL, even yuanliang oso go back JB. Church friends hang out with me too much till sien edy, i think lar.

Well, this is the first time since i start uni that i didn't go back hometown during raya holiday. I miss all my hometown friends. And I really really really miss miss miss home every now n then esp when i'm stress and after calling my parents. But yes, i'm old enough to be independent, and i should stop being a pampered spoilt brat.

Actually I'm very ok with staying alone here la, as long as i don't accidentally bang any walls and rang the super loud+noisy alarm and scare myself, and as long as i still keep in touch with my housemates and my parents to make sure that I'm fine here. Ok, enough about staying alone. It's very sad one ok. haha.

Last Thur, cause it's raining, so we decided to go Jusco Seremban for dinner, after dinner we went McD for the ice-cream, cause misssohsiling want to eat ice-cream. Lol. And hence we sit down in front of McD and start taking crazy pictures. And initially want watch movie but in the end we chose to go back home study. @_@ Nerd-nya. haha. Here's the pictures.
Housemates of 421 424, haha. Spot those housemates who are not in the pictures, and ya they are busy n didn't follow along. *ehemehem*
i heart everyone...<3

Group picture.
--Mun-Kim-Yugin-Liang-Jo-Siling-Terry-Qian-- =)

Then during weekend, yuanliang suddenly suggested go down kl find my ex-housemates. So without any planning, we just randomly drove down to Sunway. and meet up with dear Chloe, CheeLeong n JooHor.

So JooHor brought his new coooooolll camera!!! and did he look like camera-pro now? haha.

These photo taken by my phone camera. Those photos taken by pro-camera not with me now. lol.

Ok i realize all photos are just plain cam-whore photo, so not plan to post up those photos here. Let show this:
Mouth of the handsome guy...=_= POSER!!!!

And the emo photo...
CL at left / YL at right. haha. nowadays ppl emo in shopping centre. @_@

I'll stop here. Oh upon typing this, i just heard another ambulance siren. The "benefit" of staying next to hospital.

Till then.

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