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Historic Town

Because according to Seremban ppl, Melaka is around 1 hour drive from Seremban only. ...so we went Melaka...

Ok according to Melaka ppl, the only special things about that town is historical places + foods only. Nothing much to see. One day trip is more than enough. haha.
Some old shophouses down the street. The short-cut street that only local knows.

Photo collage, the places we went.
Ok ya these are the few places that famous in Melaka town, everywhere is reach-able by walking.

And this...
The car that Tunku Abdul Rahman drove when he came Melaka to proclaim our country's independency. Nice car!!! =)

Thanks my juniors from Melaka that bring us around.
Ya they are twins. Smart twins. =) Thaannnnkkk yyooooouuu Sooooooooo much!!!!! ^_^

Nice Foods in Melaka town...
Lunch: Rojak/CurryRice/MeeSiam, from a small Nyonya shop at Jongkek street. That shop have nice cendol too.
Dinner: Satey celup, from a famous satey shop somewhere along one of the street in the town.
It's very famous, the shop named Capitol Satay, open at 5pm. And if you reach there later than 6pm, u will have to wait for at least 30 minutes in order to get inside the restaurant.. No kidding, it's THAT famous.

Before we went back, we went The Jetty, ya, the Eye of Malaysia's view is very very nice there wor.
See...=) =) =)

Ok, i'm off to sleep.
Good night. Till then.

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