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1st2nd Week's life

@ Seremban...

I know i had crap for more than 1000 for my previous post, so now let's blog wth pictures... *finally*
Cause my house finally got internet, thanks Jo for getting the thing fix. And for hot shower, i will have it in my dream lar, cause the problem still not solve yet, and i m still taking cold shower every early morning and late night. Oh ya and cause it's solar heater, so it's freaking super extremely HOT in the afternoon till evening. Ok, pity my poor skin's temperature receptors....@_@

These are photos taken on 1st n 2nd weeks here in Seremban.
First week nothing much, just all those briefingSSSSS.

And this White Coat Ceremony. According to seniors, is THE big events for the doctors here. But look at the doctor who turn up..LOL.
Taken during the ceremony.

Next is that time during weekend, most of us going back to KL, home sweet home them. But those that stay >4 hours drive from Seremban one, have to stay back n that's why we go have steamboat together-gather..lol

Look @ the pic can edy lar, ya, that's yuanliang peeling prawns' skin, he pro cook lar..hahha.

Next, is the pathetic orientation's Variety night...
Those in Deco team, after the event, before taking down all those pathetic decorations...
The pathetic photo wth Dato' Kanda...
And all these pathetic pictures... Oh but then we really enjoy ourselves lar, it's so crazy, and it definitely a memorable night, wth all those funny n lame n useless performance, esp the MJ one...lol lol lol.

Ok then we started our hectic week. Ya i go to ward too often edy, till the sem 9 senior saw me oso shake the head, and say "Why u guys so hardworking one, go hospital so often...", "Crazy ar u all, stay in hospital from 7am till 10pm", HO told us, "You got the whole life to go to hospital, so don't lar so hardworking now, go have life ok?!", "It's weekend man, go somewhere else can ar, come hospital for what?!", "U oncall today meh? no ar, then why are you here in hospital?!"

So we go have life - celebrate Dorothy's birthday. Thanks to TjunHoe...
My phone camera only got few photos, most photo kheelung edy post on fb, thanks to him, still remember to post the pictures there...lol, ppl's 12.1MP camera bought from Italy mar...hahahha...

Baoz reunion. =_=lll
sorry we all super camwhore one.

That dinner really a good way of de-stress ourselves, away from the life like this...
Life that makes me n sohsiling half-death face in imu cafe....

So after dinner wth those HO on friday, we change our plans. Initially plan to go back hospital's ward learn more things, but we ended up went to FunFair have fun.. Super random wei..hahahha..
Asia Fun Park
Funfair photo #1
Funfair photo #2 - Go Cart...go go go....finally get to release stress by go hitting one another's car..hahahaha
Funfair photo #3
miss sohsiling in front of one of the game station..haha
Those who suppose to go hospital at night and ended up in funfair one...lol.

Ok i think that's all the abit interesting part of my life in Seremban this 2 weeks, apart of all those stressful event. Waking up super early in the morning just because i m posted to Dato' Kanda's ward is definitely not the best thing to start a posting with... But who ask me the posting leader.@_@

Ok no more photo to show, unless want show this...
Me emo-ing at home, cause super long time didnt use my photo's camera camwhore edy... Enough.

Oh and the perfect dress n shoe picture i found from net. Ok i didn't submit my own photo wth Darlie toothpaste, so not consider joining that Shinny White Date game.
But i think this dress n shoe are nice..

Ok talking about shoe, i need a pair of new shoe now... putting plaster on heel everyday n applying cream everyday is tedious. Standing long hour wth my current shoe oso a torture. Sigh. But dont worry i m fine. =)

Till then.

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