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"What's the point of having 2 children when they don't even care about you when you are in the hospital?!"

I nearly cry together with the aunty when she say this to me this morning in the hospital.

Ironically, yesterday another aunty in the ward happily told me all the successful story of her sons and daughters.

Ok i know i suppose to go do work in hospital but not going around the wards hear ppl telling me their happy / sad stories and stalk other ppl.

Ps: YuanLiang forced us all go sing K with terry today and celebrate terry's birthday too. lol. so happy birthday my dear neighbour. May u stay young forever. =_=

Video of the song that we sang, pls dont click when u r not free n lower down ur laptope volume cause it's damn boring n noisy. lol

Till then.

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No more break

School start. No more long break.
I shouldn't sound emo here. Let me blog about something that cheer me up.
The lunch n dinner we have on one weekend. When we r still in holiday mood, and didn't realize that there's so many things to do on the week ahead.

Ok this is yuanliang's hand cooking
I hate to confess this but, really, yuanliang and siewkim are good cook, and i dono how to cook. Cause my job is just taking pictures and washing dishes. @_@

Our food.
Ok if you realize out of 4 dishes, 3 dishes are prawn because the night before when we go buy prawn, the worker in Jusco simply put a price tag on the plastic bag and ask us go take ALL the prawns at the container there. So we have too much prawn n dono what to do with it and hence cook 3 dishes with the prawns...... Nvm 3 of us not allergic to seafood. haha.

This is yuan liang and his food. lol

Ok then after dinner time everyone is back from KL, so we drank the soup we cook in the afternoon. Cause we r too full so we didnt drink the soup for lunch. Keep for dinner and share to everyone. haha
Ok i edit the photo cause er, i just want to show the soup but i realize siling so happy in this pic so decided to not crop the pic. haha.

Habis cerita. Our life is that boring that even our happy moment spent at home watching TV together. lol. These are just crap.

Till then.

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Historic Town

Because according to Seremban ppl, Melaka is around 1 hour drive from Seremban only. ...so we went Melaka...

Ok according to Melaka ppl, the only special things about that town is historical places + foods only. Nothing much to see. One day trip is more than enough. haha.
Some old shophouses down the street. The short-cut street that only local knows.

Photo collage, the places we went.
Ok ya these are the few places that famous in Melaka town, everywhere is reach-able by walking.

And this...
The car that Tunku Abdul Rahman drove when he came Melaka to proclaim our country's independency. Nice car!!! =)

Thanks my juniors from Melaka that bring us around.
Ya they are twins. Smart twins. =) Thaannnnkkk yyooooouuu Sooooooooo much!!!!! ^_^

Nice Foods in Melaka town...
Lunch: Rojak/CurryRice/MeeSiam, from a small Nyonya shop at Jongkek street. That shop have nice cendol too.
Dinner: Satey celup, from a famous satey shop somewhere along one of the street in the town.
It's very famous, the shop named Capitol Satay, open at 5pm. And if you reach there later than 6pm, u will have to wait for at least 30 minutes in order to get inside the restaurant.. No kidding, it's THAT famous.

Before we went back, we went The Jetty, ya, the Eye of Malaysia's view is very very nice there wor.
See...=) =) =)

Ok, i'm off to sleep.
Good night. Till then.

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I hate talking about this topic, but i really staying alone in this super big house during this holiday. Parents enjoying themselves at the conference in Taiwan, sister start school, brother start work, hometown house awaiting for the renovation. Housemates go back KL, even yuanliang oso go back JB. Church friends hang out with me too much till sien edy, i think lar.

Well, this is the first time since i start uni that i didn't go back hometown during raya holiday. I miss all my hometown friends. And I really really really miss miss miss home every now n then esp when i'm stress and after calling my parents. But yes, i'm old enough to be independent, and i should stop being a pampered spoilt brat.

Actually I'm very ok with staying alone here la, as long as i don't accidentally bang any walls and rang the super loud+noisy alarm and scare myself, and as long as i still keep in touch with my housemates and my parents to make sure that I'm fine here. Ok, enough about staying alone. It's very sad one ok. haha.

Last Thur, cause it's raining, so we decided to go Jusco Seremban for dinner, after dinner we went McD for the ice-cream, cause misssohsiling want to eat ice-cream. Lol. And hence we sit down in front of McD and start taking crazy pictures. And initially want watch movie but in the end we chose to go back home study. @_@ Nerd-nya. haha. Here's the pictures.
Housemates of 421 424, haha. Spot those housemates who are not in the pictures, and ya they are busy n didn't follow along. *ehemehem*
i heart everyone...<3

Group picture.
--Mun-Kim-Yugin-Liang-Jo-Siling-Terry-Qian-- =)

Then during weekend, yuanliang suddenly suggested go down kl find my ex-housemates. So without any planning, we just randomly drove down to Sunway. and meet up with dear Chloe, CheeLeong n JooHor.

So JooHor brought his new coooooolll camera!!! and did he look like camera-pro now? haha.

These photo taken by my phone camera. Those photos taken by pro-camera not with me now. lol.

Ok i realize all photos are just plain cam-whore photo, so not plan to post up those photos here. Let show this:
Mouth of the handsome guy...=_= POSER!!!!

And the emo photo...
CL at left / YL at right. haha. nowadays ppl emo in shopping centre. @_@

I'll stop here. Oh upon typing this, i just heard another ambulance siren. The "benefit" of staying next to hospital.

Till then.

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Went Kuala Pilah this morning...wake up 5.45am just to get prepared so can reach there on time. I think my biological clock is getting more n more abnormal over these few weeks..sigh.
Ok my point is, even we reach uni sharp at the time stated, we still need to wait for others to come. Sigh, edy in clinical school, punctuality still a problem...*shake head*

Ok i should talk about Kuala Pilah. Because it's a new campus for IMU, and today was the first day ever in the history of IMU that IMU's students posted there. And we are the first group of ppl using that building to do our TBL...haha. Basically we just went there for SOPD, Ward work and TBL. Er after staying in HTJ for 2 weeks, and now finally got chance go other hospital, i think Kuala Pilah hospital is a very different experience for us. And learning @ SOPD HTAN is much better than learning @ SOPD HTJ. and we edy told our clinical school's dean this. Guess next batch will have to go HTAN more often edy.

Some pictures there. Ok i just realize i didnt take pic of IMU's building there. It's just a small building n we only occupied one floor of the building. Sigh i think i prefer the "white house" in batupahat more. haha.

Er HTAN in kuala pilah is nice lar,

and it's quiet, peaceful...reminds me of hospital KKB or hospital PD, small hospital. And the doctors and nurses there are much nicer!! =)
The corridor that u wont seen in HTJ.

Just that the driving up part abit hazard, it's around 1 hour drive from Seremban, and the road is winding, so can't speed.
Oh need to mention here, yuanliang's driving skill is super geng leh. He can even speed at this winding road...with me n sohsiling in the car....my precious life!!!!! LOL.

And u will get to see the nice sunrise if u go there earlier.
sorry my photo taking skill not good.
But according to Dato' Kanda, we just need to be there on reasonable time, so don't go so early. Cause he told us, "i dont want u all drive at 6.30am, it's such a dangerous hour to drive, pls drive safely, the road is very winding..." omgosh, he is quite fatherly and good what. And i think he is a very very good Doctor + Surgeon!!!=) Just that being in his ward make us need to go hospital almost everynight to cover ward...but nvm lar, get use to it can edy...

Ok finish talking about Kuala Pilah, let's show some pic of HTJ Seremban.
The corridor that i pass by everyday. And the ambulans that reduce our boringness during our A&E oncall time...jk.

The campus.

and the white board that we conteng during TBL yesterday. haha.

Lastly just random pic,
Taken during one of the dinner we have last weekend. =)

Till then.

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1st2nd Week's life

@ Seremban...

I know i had crap for more than 1000 for my previous post, so now let's blog wth pictures... *finally*
Cause my house finally got internet, thanks Jo for getting the thing fix. And for hot shower, i will have it in my dream lar, cause the problem still not solve yet, and i m still taking cold shower every early morning and late night. Oh ya and cause it's solar heater, so it's freaking super extremely HOT in the afternoon till evening. Ok, pity my poor skin's temperature receptors....@_@

These are photos taken on 1st n 2nd weeks here in Seremban.
First week nothing much, just all those briefingSSSSS.

And this White Coat Ceremony. According to seniors, is THE big events for the doctors here. But look at the doctor who turn up..LOL.
Taken during the ceremony.

Next is that time during weekend, most of us going back to KL, home sweet home them. But those that stay >4 hours drive from Seremban one, have to stay back n that's why we go have steamboat together-gather..lol

Look @ the pic can edy lar, ya, that's yuanliang peeling prawns' skin, he pro cook lar..hahha.

Next, is the pathetic orientation's Variety night...
Those in Deco team, after the event, before taking down all those pathetic decorations...
The pathetic photo wth Dato' Kanda...
And all these pathetic pictures... Oh but then we really enjoy ourselves lar, it's so crazy, and it definitely a memorable night, wth all those funny n lame n useless performance, esp the MJ one...lol lol lol.

Ok then we started our hectic week. Ya i go to ward too often edy, till the sem 9 senior saw me oso shake the head, and say "Why u guys so hardworking one, go hospital so often...", "Crazy ar u all, stay in hospital from 7am till 10pm", HO told us, "You got the whole life to go to hospital, so don't lar so hardworking now, go have life ok?!", "It's weekend man, go somewhere else can ar, come hospital for what?!", "U oncall today meh? no ar, then why are you here in hospital?!"

So we go have life - celebrate Dorothy's birthday. Thanks to TjunHoe...
My phone camera only got few photos, most photo kheelung edy post on fb, thanks to him, still remember to post the pictures there...lol, ppl's 12.1MP camera bought from Italy mar...hahahha...

Baoz reunion. =_=lll
sorry we all super camwhore one.

That dinner really a good way of de-stress ourselves, away from the life like this...
Life that makes me n sohsiling half-death face in imu cafe....

So after dinner wth those HO on friday, we change our plans. Initially plan to go back hospital's ward learn more things, but we ended up went to FunFair have fun.. Super random wei..hahahha..
Asia Fun Park
Funfair photo #1
Funfair photo #2 - Go Cart...go go go....finally get to release stress by go hitting one another's car..hahahaha
Funfair photo #3
miss sohsiling in front of one of the game station..haha
Those who suppose to go hospital at night and ended up in funfair one...lol.

Ok i think that's all the abit interesting part of my life in Seremban this 2 weeks, apart of all those stressful event. Waking up super early in the morning just because i m posted to Dato' Kanda's ward is definitely not the best thing to start a posting with... But who ask me the posting leader.@_@

Ok no more photo to show, unless want show this...
Me emo-ing at home, cause super long time didnt use my photo's camera camwhore edy... Enough.

Oh and the perfect dress n shoe picture i found from net. Ok i didn't submit my own photo wth Darlie toothpaste, so not consider joining that Shinny White Date game.
But i think this dress n shoe are nice..

Ok talking about shoe, i need a pair of new shoe now... putting plaster on heel everyday n applying cream everyday is tedious. Standing long hour wth my current shoe oso a torture. Sigh. But dont worry i m fine. =)

Till then.

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Internet drought

Yes, i wont die without internet, but i can’t denied the fact that laptop and internet is very important to me.

So i had been in Seremban, finish the “orientation week” here, ok it’s more like briefing week than orientation week, totally different from the bukit jalil’s, maybe we are too old to have our crazy orientation and the seniors here are too busy to orientate us. Even the orientation night our batch have to take care of everything, from invitation card, to emcee, to lighting, PA, performance, souvenirs, decoration, etc etc. But i think it’s really mafan lar, we edy got so many things to do still want us to perform. Worse still is, group ppl that seldom/never dance on stage before in a group that in-charge-of dance performance. Sigh. Ok, this is basically our orientation. Should thanks the seniors for briefing us all this cause they are really busy oso but they still take times to come and talk to us.

Oh ya suppose to talk about no internet, cause we move in the day before school start, and only apply for internet line on the 1st day, and we are not at home during day time, so it’s very difficult to get our line fix last week. But this week i highly doubt we got time to go back during day time oso. Nvm lar, we will just bear with it.

Ya, we got our first assignment on the 2nd day, to complete some few hours online course and pass all the tests and get the certificate and print out the certificate to submit to lecturer as proof. And in order to make sure we got our certificate “ethically”, we must write a summary on the course that we gone through and submit that to lecturer oso. Ok, thanks goodness we got good batchmates that really help each others up in getting the certificate. Most of us just got the cert in a very short time without finish reading the articles…Ok we read it for summary after getting the cert, so actually we still got abit ethics lar, at least… Haha. Oh ya did i mention that we even went starbucks just to finish our assignment cause our house don’t have internet…

Ok, since this blog post is just all about crapping, and i dont think it's worth reading, so i will just crap anything here. Cause now i m writing blog wth this Window Live Writer, which is a very good software i think. I started to write e-dairy everyday using this software since the first day in Seremban, due to no internet and i lazy to write in my own dairy book. Haha.

Let’s talk about our seremban house at rasah here. It’s big, huge, besar, spacious. But some of the facilities is not very good. Ok it’s a really good house edy, just for spoilt brat like me sometime will just make some noise. First 2 days i sleep without a curtain in my bedroom, so anyone can see through my room through the windows. Ok not like i got stalker. Then ya this is my first time staying in a house with solar heater. And the problem is the solar system got abit problem one, so all of us had been taking cold showers early morning and late night everyday. Cause we were out during day time. And first few days our front n backyard’s light is not working, same goes to most of the light in living room, so our house is super dark every night. For the kitchen, ok it’s fine, we got kind seniors that leave all the cooking utensils, plates, cups, etc etc behind for us to use. Siewkim found it after she “ransack” the whole kitchen. lol.

Ok i can goes on crap till 1000 words if i can, since i m going to write a 10,000 report for my CFCS thing in this 2 years time. So should start training to crap now…

Oh talk about CFCS, ya i got another story to tell!!!!! Cause this CFCS is some home visit thing, and 2 persons in one group, and we can’t change grouping, and will stuck wth the same person for 2 and half years. So we regard that as our temporary “life partner”. And know who is my group mate now? Siewkim n Sohsiling!!! Cause after the name list out, i check through the list, my name is not inside, everyone’s name is there except mine. So i decide to go to ask the sister-in-charge. First day she is not in, 2nd time i go find she is not there oso. 3rd time when i go take timetable, she is there, so i tell her my problem, and she just tell me, “oh ur name not in, ok lar i will add ur name in now”, so i tell her, '”sister, can i be in group 7?” she say “ok”. then i ask further, “sister, since there’s odd number in our batch, one group will have 3 ppl right, can i be in this group? *pointing at siewkim n siling’s group*”. The sister look at me, *i was expected her to scold me edy*, said “oh, which group? this one? ok i will put ur name in”. Then she proceed to her computer and add my name in and print out the new namelist……

I was shocked, omgosh, so easy i got into the group that i chose!! It’s miracle ok, miracle!!!!! This something that makes me happy after get pick by a lecturer on the 2nd day here. Cause i didnt answer his question, so i was kena bombared by him gao gao… he called me “sitiawan girl” cause i told her that’s where my hometown is. But i think i m ok wth it one lar. Luckily he is not a surgery lecturer, if yes, i will kena another bom by him again…..

Hhmm, i should talk about being a posting leader oso. Cause on the first day, the src came in, elect a batch representative, then IMS leader, then start to chose posting leaders, we got 3 posting in this semester. So 3 group leaders needed. And cause yuan liang edy be the IMS leader, so he ask me to volunteer to be posting leader cause he is in the same group as me. So without knowing what a posting leader is/what the job, i just raise my hand to volunteer. And…..ended up, after i talked to the senior, who is a previous posting leader, i need to do so many stuff…….T_T Thanks to yuan liang ar….haha. But he n siling help me alot in doing all the stuff lar, esp arranging groups, talk to the group members, etc etc…

oh i realize i edy crap for 1000+ words. This window live writer really good, can help me do word count. haha. Ok i shall proceed to finish my 400 words summary, which is another crapping again. Till then.

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of seremban

Ya, HELLO from Seremban. Start uni yesterday, and yupe, as all the seniors said, IMU Seremban is way way way DIFFERENT from IMU Bukit Jalil..sigh. The schedule is very pack.

Abit update on the life here, ok it's just my 3rd day in Seremban, i got really nice housemates, but our house no internet currently, so i m actually just stealing ppl's unsecure network to go online when i m free. haha

Ok about the orientation here, actually there's nothing, just briefing n briefing n more briefing n more more more briefingSSSSS.... and the performance night, which our batch ppl suppose to take charge of everything ourselves on next week. Oh ya and out of like 9 groups my group is the group in charge of dance. which i really dono what m i going to do next week. How i wish Chloe or Pei-Wen is here to help up...sigh sigh sigh.......

Anyway, i m starting off wth one of the very hectic posting, so i hope i can survive through next few months, all the best to me. =) Finish crapping.

Till then.

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