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Tian Xiang

I went to this company function dinner with my dad, last sat, cause my dad needs to represent his company there, and my mum got something to do that day, so i was "asked+forced" to attend. But ok lar, go there oso no rugi for me, so i mar go, to be a good daughter lor. =_=lll

If you are from Sitiawan/AyerTawar, i m 99.9% sure u heard of this company TIAN XIANG, if you don't, i seriously doubt are u from this town. Cause it's one of the biggest company here, (and Sitiawan is really small ok), my dad told me this company involves in automobile, oil palm, plantation, insurance....etc etc, which means this company is a BIG company. And the function dinner i attended was actually the 25th anniversary of this company + launching of their new building.
The new building, and the function dinner, it's an outdoor dinner.
And it's a super huge function, look at the red carpet between the dinner tables, it was super long, we need to walk quite far from the entrance to reach our seats.

Some useless pictures
The company's building
The open ceremony of the new building, it was purposely done on this time and this date : 8:08pm, 8th August 2009... so it's 98888, pls read it in Chinese/Cantonese. The founder of this company annouced this on the stage himself one.

Since this company is very rich, so 1st meal is abalone+scallop+ whatever-food-that-rich-ppl-eat...but i dono is original one or tin can one lar.
and the Circus Performance from China. Ok, really useless pictures. @_@ sorry.

I heard cause this company earn a lot of money, and in Malaysia, if ur company earn so much money means ur company have to pay more tax. So smart tauke will host this type of huge event and spend the money under company expenses so they dont have to pay so much tax. I dono izit true but its sound like a smart strategy to pay as few tax as possible. lol.

The highlight of the night: The fire-crackles!!!
it goes on for very long time, er like 15 mins?! but it's really very nice!!! Guess the company spending lots of $$$$$ on this too...
This is my favourite,
Everyone goes like "WAAAOOOOOO" when this fire-crackles shoot up!! Really nice wor, love this picture so much and i m proud of my own photo-taking skill now. haha.

Oh ya did I mention that, just for this function dinner+company anniversary+new building launching alone, in SinChewJitPow itself, more than 5 full-coloured pages of advertisement + few non-coloured pages were dedicated to this company. Sitiawan ppl really rich. ^_^

Till then.

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