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Teluk Batik

Let's talk about beach.
cause my blog is getting more and more boring...
What to do, i dont have interesting life to blog about since i m now on ...er...holiday?! omgosh aren't holiday mean to be fun??? lol Nvm lar.

My dear friends went Lang Tengah last month, ok it was sooo fun!!
But for ppl like me that want to save and earn money in hometown plus dad not allow go out holiday-ing too much...the only thing i can do is went to the nearest beach in my hometown, Teluk Batik, which is like 30 mins drive from my house, and i dont have to spend a single $$$ to get there. >.< Ok, it's still a beach then ok. haha.

Just that maybe it's not as nice/clean as those famous beach, but yea, although i had went to this the beach for dono XYZ times, but i still like this place, maybe because this beach brings back memories. Childhood memories. =)

So i went Teluk Batik 1 week before i went Korea (u see how out-dated my blog is!!!), cause some of my church members getting baptize, so like the whole church went, really alot of ppl ok, cause some church members bring along their friends+relatives, then some bring along their parents+grandparents+greatgrandparents, and some bring along their children+grandchildren+greatgrandchildren...etc.

Some church members waiting to be baptized...
Oh ya this is the beach where i got baptize too. Decade ago. ^_^
And my dearest piano student finally get baptize!!

Ok some other pics @ the beach...

The cute guy Lee Hom.

And the hopelessly camfriend me. Ok because all the kids that i can play with are down in the sea and i so lazy to get into the sea so ended up doing thing like this. haha.

Ok this one is nice.
The sunset. I didnt notice this initially, cause was busy 38 wth some church members, until i heard a father-daughter conversation that goes:
Daughter: Dad, look, that's SunRise.
Dad: Girl, this is not sunrise, this is call sunset. Sunrise is when u see the sun rising up, but this one the sun is going down, so it's call sunset.
Daughter: Oh Sunset sunset sunset!!!!

Then only i start taking out my camera..

Last one, pic of the beach n my another piano student.
Dono why, this picture reminds me of this movie, title 海角七号, there is a scene when the old man look at the sea and say this "Look, our hometown sea is so beautiful, but why all those youngster want to work outstation and refuse to come back home?!" This line really make me think alot. And if you are working/studying outstation, have u ever think of working in ur own hometown after u graduate? Haha, i should think about this too. Oh ya btw, is through this movie that the first time i find 范逸臣 is very handsome. lol

Till then.

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