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Genting 300709

We went Genting, for TjunHoe's birthday.

Last time Sunway Lagoon for Chloe's bday, next birthday if go to themepark again i m going to go "pok-kai" liao... T_T One entrance ticket used up 1 and 1/4 times of my tuition fees, and i need to save money now.@_@

Ok let's dont talk about money here, pictures...
Oh ya thanks SiewKim for driving us all the way up to the cable car station!!
Cable Car, i dont understand why ppl have such itchy hand, to leave some weird msg on the cable car's window... Anyway, I miss Michelle's crazy waving at random cable car and watching those random ppl face expression while we r sitting in the cable car... lol.

It was very misty when we reach there...
Misty till cant see the solero shot properly...

Oh talking about soleroshot, i find this mini-soleroshot very cute...
If i got kids, i will make them sit on this, cause it look very fun to me. haha.

Ok, i admit i m scare of roller coaster, for dono what reason, maybe because i m a coward, whatever lar. @_@ But nowadays, whenever i ride motorcycle in my hometown, i will remember the time when i sit on this Cyclone...
esp when i speed wth my motorcycle, and i think it was even more fun than Cyclone. lol.

I love this.
Swing Chair. <3 Ya i m scare initially, but it turn up to be very fun, really. And I can shout as loud as i want when i m up there. Really glad that i sit on that, thanks KienJeen thanks SiewKim. =)

Ok enough pictures on game, these are some poser photos.
Mich + Jeen

KienJeen's jump shot on the Welcome stage.

Another jump shot. I like the sequence effect bring out by these 2 photos.

Guys' emo shot
I realize TjunHoe was wearing his jacket, someone should make him take off the jacket, so his pink colour shirt will be more obvious in the picture!!!

Ok the chocolate shop photo
Me n Siew Kim @ the entrance.

Cause i think the design and everything inside is very nice, so took lots of pictures there...
So cute, got the 3-D picture showing how to make the chocolate.

Oh ya, cause we dont want to sit on solero shot, so we disappear ourselves to go sit antique car, and after the long queue, we ended up not sitting on it, and sit on caterpillar in stead. @_@
Shot from Caterpillar ride. Ok i know is very funny for us go sit on caterpillar in theme park, such a waste. lol.

Ok, group photo
TjunHoe is very pink leh...hahahhaaha...

Have dinner @ MidValley, this is Tjunhoe's birthday cake...
Creative ok. Thanks to ChuiMun n Mich. haha. we should listen to ChuiMun's explaination on how this cake and everything were prepare wth the lowest cost possible. It's =_=lll.

Last photo, Miss Soh Si Ling wth the Korea flag i bought her from Korea. haha
At least this flag was not difficult to find like how i used 5 days to find her Vietnam flag last time...haha.

Till then.

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