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Convo mag DONE

Dear M107, after months of waiting, our convocation magazine
FINALLY DONE!! wth this super NICE design, thanks to Kien Jeen, the super talented head of the design team...

Ya, thanks to all our *beloved* committee members too for all the *hard* work and all those designing. and Jo is no longer my boss from now. hahahaha.
All this pages also design by Kien Jeen, nice right?? so pls get ur magazine on the rehearsal day, or if you are not attending, pls inform either one of us committee members. Thanks so much. Love M107, but looking forward to C209, hope everything will be fine.

Till then. ^_^

Ps: our church has a blog now, so if you are from Ayer Tawar Rhema Church, do check this up. *Huggzzz*

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