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Charity Clicks

Ok I was checking my own facebook profile yesterday and i found out i join this group:
I love the Dinosaurs...???!! Because the title sound funny to me and i was wondering since when i so retarded go join such a funny group, so i clicked on it, and...ok, i knew i m not that retarded afterall! That group is actually a charity group...
please click on the link and join the group if you care for the poor. =)

There are lots of website in the page, all of them are for charity, quote from the page:

When you click on the sites, the site displays ads from their sponsors. Advertising money then goes to fund programs that give food to the hungry!

These are the four sites that i find it interesting, do try it up when u r free...
Free rice
Free Flour
Help Thirst (water)
Free Poverty (water)

Here's some screen shot for the site.

Have fun and have a nice day doing charity work in front of your computer!!! Sarangheyo... =)

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