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Because i have such a long holiday


Er before EOS 5 we were complaining about IMU making us so stress by not giving us enough holidays, and now, i m sure some of us are holiday-ing till sien edy. At least i felt like this, but to think about i need to start studying soon, and camp in library everyday again (this time maybe camp in hospital...), i feel stress again. Lol.

After become tuition teacher for more than one month, i really like the role of being a tuition teacher, cause i dont have to write essays and do homework, but i can ask my students to write essays. I dont have to memorize so many facts, cause all the while i got books to refer. And I am teaching my favourite subjects Mathematics and Chemistry!! =)

Ok back to title, sidetrack too much.
I m suppose to talk about my holidays...Cause i m spending most of my holidays in my hometown, so i ended up become my family members' accompanion to different places. Accompany my mum, grandma (dad's mum) and grandmother(mum's mum) to clinics, accompany my grandma to wedding dinners, accompany my mum n sis to bank, and other places, accompany my dad to function dinner related to his company...etc. Or go my grandma house to keep her accompanied, watch TV wth her, chat wth her, since she is staying alone.

And if got more free time then go church member house teach piano, help to fetch church kids from piano class, (ps:ok it's really fun to fetch 2 girls wth my motorbike, just that i cant speed:<), then make sure my piano student finish her BM homework and teach her basic BM. Omgosh i dono what's the school teacher doing in class, can u imagine i m actually teaching a Standard 3 student "satu,dua,tiga,..." ; "saya,kamu,dia...." ; "dari,kepada...";etc!!!!!

Ya that's what i do for holidays, beside teaching tuition, go church or hide myself at home and look at my laptope screen until my eyes very painful..... =_=lll

Ok because i m asked to *accompany* my grandma to that wedding dinner, so i actually dono who's the bride and groom.
But their family really big. LOL.

Luckily that day one of my church member family attending that wedding too, so at least i m not so bored, because...

I can take pictures of cute girls and cute guy there...hahaha. Geok San - Geok Chi - Lee Hom. Cute leh all of them. =)

Another photo taken wth Geok Chi, in church on some random day,
Cause she is pretty, but my dear girl, attitude is more important than appearance, remember this!

Next, we are suppose to be in this 40 days fasting month, the NECF one, church thing. So the first day before we really start the fasting, mum bring some of her church co-worker to this steamboat shop, @ Sri Manjung. Quite cheap for a steamboat buffet shop, it's RM9.90 per person before 5pm, and RM16.90 after that.
Shabu Shabu Steamboat buffet, ok i think this is the first and only steamboat buffet shop in the town.
Well i still prefer Yuan Steamboat. Of course lar, that one in KL and this one is Sitiawan one. haha.

Note even the "Dont waste food" notice board oso got spelling error.

this picture taken from newspaper. List of Malaysian badminton players that are selected for the YONEX-SUNRISE BWF World Championship 2009 in Hyderabad,India:
Ok i show this picture cause i just realize nowadays badminton is like 90% dominated by Chinese players, i only see 3 Malay's name on the list, others all Chinese...!!! ya i m out-dated, cause i edy very long never read sports news... Anyway, the competition start 2ml, and my favourite badminton player Wong Choong Hann is taking part too, again, so wish all our players all the best. . ^_^

Till then.

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Skinny Monkey said...

wah! u betul betul bagus la...teman so many ppl...
*clap clap clap*
darjah 3 ajar itu ke? i tot darjah 1 sudah mau tau ...
U driving harley davidson??hahaha

QianHui said...

haha thanks thanks.
ya lor darjah 3 perlu ajar darjah 1 syllables..haha.
i drive normal motor lar, hehehe... no licence drive harley davidson, that one need special licence.

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