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The 1/2 Convocation

Ok lar we havent graduate, just because we study in IMU so we are so "lucky" to have a convocation when we finish our Medical Sciences studies in Bukit Jalil. ok good bye IMU Bukit Jalil, hello IMU Clinical School Seremban...I edy holiday till dono what's my feeling towards Seremban now. Just hope everything will be fine.

Ok the convocation on 19Aug.

the most important photo must show first
ie the one wth my dearest parents. I actually regret for asking them attend the convocation cause i think it's just a waste of time n money. But anyway i LOVE u so much daddy mummy!!!!!

Few photos taken during the rehearsal day,
when we enter the hall someone told me "omgosh, can u imagine our convocation hall don't even have a STAGE, so saaaaaaaaddddddd..." ok, yea, so sad, last time seniors convocation is at some nice hotel's ballroom, now our convocation is at our own lecture hall. T_T

wth SiewKim n Chloe dear
cause 3 of us wearing black that day.

These photos taken during the photo shooting on the convo morning.
I dono what does that "tongkat" symbolize, apparent, it's something very important to IMU.

Another photo.

Oh ya can anyone tell me why recently IMU is so close to our former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir...
cause Tun receive IMU's honorary Doctor of Medicine on that day. And because Beliau only free on weekday, so the normal convocation that held on Saturday had to change date to weekday...Should i say "welcome to IMU" now?! @_@

And because we are not Dean's list student.
so all of us cant sit inside the hall but have to watch broadcast in another hall. How sad right, edy no stage in the hall, now no place to sit inside the hall pula.

Ok next just pictures of me n friendssssss...cause i dont think i can survive till sem5 without friends.
Dear chloe and her cute hairband. Nice right...=)

My baozzz gila partner Miss Soh Si Ling..haha

Bestie from hometown, Yvon Loi. Hometown friends always the best. Really appretiate the friendship. ^_^

wth Trisha, the pharmacist graduated from University of Strathclyde. JPA scholar leh!! Ok i had not seen her for more than one year n really surprise to meet her during convo...

Oh i want to show more pictures but my camera only have few friends' photo, other photos i lazy go facebook copy paste, so i will just stop here...

Last photo,
the one wth Hippocratic Oaths. Finally got chance to take a photo wth this. haha. ^_^

Till then.

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