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Video: Love

I dont normally copy paste videos from youtube, but i think this one is very good, esp the lyric part... Ya, it's a raps+song by Jaeson Ma.

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The 1/2 Convocation

Ok lar we havent graduate, just because we study in IMU so we are so "lucky" to have a convocation when we finish our Medical Sciences studies in Bukit Jalil. ok good bye IMU Bukit Jalil, hello IMU Clinical School Seremban...I edy holiday till dono what's my feeling towards Seremban now. Just hope everything will be fine.

Ok the convocation on 19Aug.

the most important photo must show first
ie the one wth my dearest parents. I actually regret for asking them attend the convocation cause i think it's just a waste of time n money. But anyway i LOVE u so much daddy mummy!!!!!

Few photos taken during the rehearsal day,
when we enter the hall someone told me "omgosh, can u imagine our convocation hall don't even have a STAGE, so saaaaaaaaddddddd..." ok, yea, so sad, last time seniors convocation is at some nice hotel's ballroom, now our convocation is at our own lecture hall. T_T

wth SiewKim n Chloe dear
cause 3 of us wearing black that day.

These photos taken during the photo shooting on the convo morning.
I dono what does that "tongkat" symbolize, apparent, it's something very important to IMU.

Another photo.

Oh ya can anyone tell me why recently IMU is so close to our former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir...
cause Tun receive IMU's honorary Doctor of Medicine on that day. And because Beliau only free on weekday, so the normal convocation that held on Saturday had to change date to weekday...Should i say "welcome to IMU" now?! @_@

And because we are not Dean's list student.
so all of us cant sit inside the hall but have to watch broadcast in another hall. How sad right, edy no stage in the hall, now no place to sit inside the hall pula.

Ok next just pictures of me n friendssssss...cause i dont think i can survive till sem5 without friends.
Dear chloe and her cute hairband. Nice right...=)

My baozzz gila partner Miss Soh Si Ling..haha

Bestie from hometown, Yvon Loi. Hometown friends always the best. Really appretiate the friendship. ^_^

wth Trisha, the pharmacist graduated from University of Strathclyde. JPA scholar leh!! Ok i had not seen her for more than one year n really surprise to meet her during convo...

Oh i want to show more pictures but my camera only have few friends' photo, other photos i lazy go facebook copy paste, so i will just stop here...

Last photo,
the one wth Hippocratic Oaths. Finally got chance to take a photo wth this. haha. ^_^

Till then.

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I had not crap anything here for quite sometime edy. Reason being i strain my back muscle the day before i went KL and i cannot sit in front of my laptope so i cannot online and then once i m in KL means i no internet to use so i cant online and then i go cameron highland lagi no internet then i came back to my hometown and now my head is very painful and my hands and legs are painful too...

But then, i did something that i felt proud of myself few days ago -- i actually went jungle trekking in the morning then afternoon go climb the mossy forest in cameron. And it was raining few hours before i climb the mossy forest so i think it's a miracle i still survive and typing in front of my laptope now. @_@ i m just kidding.

Nothing much to type now, cause my immune system is now working very hard to fight against lots of microorganism that i got from er the forest? Puduraya bus station? Cameron highland? or just anywhere in KL? that's why my brain dont seems to work well now.

Till then.
Have a nice week ahead.
And Sayonara to my batchmates that edy went UK. Have a safe journey there. Gonna miss you guys. Let's work hard to achieve our dreams. :)

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Teluk Batik

Let's talk about beach.
cause my blog is getting more and more boring...
What to do, i dont have interesting life to blog about since i m now on ...er...holiday?! omgosh aren't holiday mean to be fun??? lol Nvm lar.

My dear friends went Lang Tengah last month, ok it was sooo fun!!
But for ppl like me that want to save and earn money in hometown plus dad not allow go out holiday-ing too much...the only thing i can do is went to the nearest beach in my hometown, Teluk Batik, which is like 30 mins drive from my house, and i dont have to spend a single $$$ to get there. >.< Ok, it's still a beach then ok. haha.

Just that maybe it's not as nice/clean as those famous beach, but yea, although i had went to this the beach for dono XYZ times, but i still like this place, maybe because this beach brings back memories. Childhood memories. =)

So i went Teluk Batik 1 week before i went Korea (u see how out-dated my blog is!!!), cause some of my church members getting baptize, so like the whole church went, really alot of ppl ok, cause some church members bring along their friends+relatives, then some bring along their parents+grandparents+greatgrandparents, and some bring along their children+grandchildren+greatgrandchildren...etc.

Some church members waiting to be baptized...
Oh ya this is the beach where i got baptize too. Decade ago. ^_^
And my dearest piano student finally get baptize!!

Ok some other pics @ the beach...

The cute guy Lee Hom.

And the hopelessly camfriend me. Ok because all the kids that i can play with are down in the sea and i so lazy to get into the sea so ended up doing thing like this. haha.

Ok this one is nice.
The sunset. I didnt notice this initially, cause was busy 38 wth some church members, until i heard a father-daughter conversation that goes:
Daughter: Dad, look, that's SunRise.
Dad: Girl, this is not sunrise, this is call sunset. Sunrise is when u see the sun rising up, but this one the sun is going down, so it's call sunset.
Daughter: Oh Sunset sunset sunset!!!!

Then only i start taking out my camera..

Last one, pic of the beach n my another piano student.
Dono why, this picture reminds me of this movie, title 海角七号, there is a scene when the old man look at the sea and say this "Look, our hometown sea is so beautiful, but why all those youngster want to work outstation and refuse to come back home?!" This line really make me think alot. And if you are working/studying outstation, have u ever think of working in ur own hometown after u graduate? Haha, i should think about this too. Oh ya btw, is through this movie that the first time i find 范逸臣 is very handsome. lol

Till then.

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Charity Clicks

Ok I was checking my own facebook profile yesterday and i found out i join this group:
I love the Dinosaurs...???!! Because the title sound funny to me and i was wondering since when i so retarded go join such a funny group, so i clicked on it, and...ok, i knew i m not that retarded afterall! That group is actually a charity group...
please click on the link and join the group if you care for the poor. =)

There are lots of website in the page, all of them are for charity, quote from the page:

When you click on the sites, the site displays ads from their sponsors. Advertising money then goes to fund programs that give food to the hungry!

These are the four sites that i find it interesting, do try it up when u r free...
Free rice
Free Flour
Help Thirst (water)
Free Poverty (water)

Here's some screen shot for the site.

Have fun and have a nice day doing charity work in front of your computer!!! Sarangheyo... =)

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Tian Xiang

I went to this company function dinner with my dad, last sat, cause my dad needs to represent his company there, and my mum got something to do that day, so i was "asked+forced" to attend. But ok lar, go there oso no rugi for me, so i mar go, to be a good daughter lor. =_=lll

If you are from Sitiawan/AyerTawar, i m 99.9% sure u heard of this company TIAN XIANG, if you don't, i seriously doubt are u from this town. Cause it's one of the biggest company here, (and Sitiawan is really small ok), my dad told me this company involves in automobile, oil palm, plantation, insurance....etc etc, which means this company is a BIG company. And the function dinner i attended was actually the 25th anniversary of this company + launching of their new building.
The new building, and the function dinner, it's an outdoor dinner.
And it's a super huge function, look at the red carpet between the dinner tables, it was super long, we need to walk quite far from the entrance to reach our seats.

Some useless pictures
The company's building
The open ceremony of the new building, it was purposely done on this time and this date : 8:08pm, 8th August 2009... so it's 98888, pls read it in Chinese/Cantonese. The founder of this company annouced this on the stage himself one.

Since this company is very rich, so 1st meal is abalone+scallop+ whatever-food-that-rich-ppl-eat...but i dono is original one or tin can one lar.
and the Circus Performance from China. Ok, really useless pictures. @_@ sorry.

I heard cause this company earn a lot of money, and in Malaysia, if ur company earn so much money means ur company have to pay more tax. So smart tauke will host this type of huge event and spend the money under company expenses so they dont have to pay so much tax. I dono izit true but its sound like a smart strategy to pay as few tax as possible. lol.

The highlight of the night: The fire-crackles!!!
it goes on for very long time, er like 15 mins?! but it's really very nice!!! Guess the company spending lots of $$$$$ on this too...
This is my favourite,
Everyone goes like "WAAAOOOOOO" when this fire-crackles shoot up!! Really nice wor, love this picture so much and i m proud of my own photo-taking skill now. haha.

Oh ya did I mention that, just for this function dinner+company anniversary+new building launching alone, in SinChewJitPow itself, more than 5 full-coloured pages of advertisement + few non-coloured pages were dedicated to this company. Sitiawan ppl really rich. ^_^

Till then.

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Because i have such a long holiday


Er before EOS 5 we were complaining about IMU making us so stress by not giving us enough holidays, and now, i m sure some of us are holiday-ing till sien edy. At least i felt like this, but to think about i need to start studying soon, and camp in library everyday again (this time maybe camp in hospital...), i feel stress again. Lol.

After become tuition teacher for more than one month, i really like the role of being a tuition teacher, cause i dont have to write essays and do homework, but i can ask my students to write essays. I dont have to memorize so many facts, cause all the while i got books to refer. And I am teaching my favourite subjects Mathematics and Chemistry!! =)

Ok back to title, sidetrack too much.
I m suppose to talk about my holidays...Cause i m spending most of my holidays in my hometown, so i ended up become my family members' accompanion to different places. Accompany my mum, grandma (dad's mum) and grandmother(mum's mum) to clinics, accompany my grandma to wedding dinners, accompany my mum n sis to bank, and other places, accompany my dad to function dinner related to his company...etc. Or go my grandma house to keep her accompanied, watch TV wth her, chat wth her, since she is staying alone.

And if got more free time then go church member house teach piano, help to fetch church kids from piano class, (ps:ok it's really fun to fetch 2 girls wth my motorbike, just that i cant speed:<), then make sure my piano student finish her BM homework and teach her basic BM. Omgosh i dono what's the school teacher doing in class, can u imagine i m actually teaching a Standard 3 student "satu,dua,tiga,..." ; "saya,kamu,dia...." ; "dari,kepada...";etc!!!!!

Ya that's what i do for holidays, beside teaching tuition, go church or hide myself at home and look at my laptope screen until my eyes very painful..... =_=lll

Ok because i m asked to *accompany* my grandma to that wedding dinner, so i actually dono who's the bride and groom.
But their family really big. LOL.

Luckily that day one of my church member family attending that wedding too, so at least i m not so bored, because...

I can take pictures of cute girls and cute guy there...hahaha. Geok San - Geok Chi - Lee Hom. Cute leh all of them. =)

Another photo taken wth Geok Chi, in church on some random day,
Cause she is pretty, but my dear girl, attitude is more important than appearance, remember this!

Next, we are suppose to be in this 40 days fasting month, the NECF one, church thing. So the first day before we really start the fasting, mum bring some of her church co-worker to this steamboat shop, @ Sri Manjung. Quite cheap for a steamboat buffet shop, it's RM9.90 per person before 5pm, and RM16.90 after that.
Shabu Shabu Steamboat buffet, ok i think this is the first and only steamboat buffet shop in the town.
Well i still prefer Yuan Steamboat. Of course lar, that one in KL and this one is Sitiawan one. haha.

Note even the "Dont waste food" notice board oso got spelling error.

this picture taken from newspaper. List of Malaysian badminton players that are selected for the YONEX-SUNRISE BWF World Championship 2009 in Hyderabad,India:
Ok i show this picture cause i just realize nowadays badminton is like 90% dominated by Chinese players, i only see 3 Malay's name on the list, others all Chinese...!!! ya i m out-dated, cause i edy very long never read sports news... Anyway, the competition start 2ml, and my favourite badminton player Wong Choong Hann is taking part too, again, so wish all our players all the best. . ^_^

Till then.

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Genting 300709

We went Genting, for TjunHoe's birthday.

Last time Sunway Lagoon for Chloe's bday, next birthday if go to themepark again i m going to go "pok-kai" liao... T_T One entrance ticket used up 1 and 1/4 times of my tuition fees, and i need to save money now.@_@

Ok let's dont talk about money here, pictures...
Oh ya thanks SiewKim for driving us all the way up to the cable car station!!
Cable Car, i dont understand why ppl have such itchy hand, to leave some weird msg on the cable car's window... Anyway, I miss Michelle's crazy waving at random cable car and watching those random ppl face expression while we r sitting in the cable car... lol.

It was very misty when we reach there...
Misty till cant see the solero shot properly...

Oh talking about soleroshot, i find this mini-soleroshot very cute...
If i got kids, i will make them sit on this, cause it look very fun to me. haha.

Ok, i admit i m scare of roller coaster, for dono what reason, maybe because i m a coward, whatever lar. @_@ But nowadays, whenever i ride motorcycle in my hometown, i will remember the time when i sit on this Cyclone...
esp when i speed wth my motorcycle, and i think it was even more fun than Cyclone. lol.

I love this.
Swing Chair. <3 Ya i m scare initially, but it turn up to be very fun, really. And I can shout as loud as i want when i m up there. Really glad that i sit on that, thanks KienJeen thanks SiewKim. =)

Ok enough pictures on game, these are some poser photos.
Mich + Jeen

KienJeen's jump shot on the Welcome stage.

Another jump shot. I like the sequence effect bring out by these 2 photos.

Guys' emo shot
I realize TjunHoe was wearing his jacket, someone should make him take off the jacket, so his pink colour shirt will be more obvious in the picture!!!

Ok the chocolate shop photo
Me n Siew Kim @ the entrance.

Cause i think the design and everything inside is very nice, so took lots of pictures there...
So cute, got the 3-D picture showing how to make the chocolate.

Oh ya, cause we dont want to sit on solero shot, so we disappear ourselves to go sit antique car, and after the long queue, we ended up not sitting on it, and sit on caterpillar in stead. @_@
Shot from Caterpillar ride. Ok i know is very funny for us go sit on caterpillar in theme park, such a waste. lol.

Ok, group photo
TjunHoe is very pink leh...hahahhaaha...

Have dinner @ MidValley, this is Tjunhoe's birthday cake...
Creative ok. Thanks to ChuiMun n Mich. haha. we should listen to ChuiMun's explaination on how this cake and everything were prepare wth the lowest cost possible. It's =_=lll.

Last photo, Miss Soh Si Ling wth the Korea flag i bought her from Korea. haha
At least this flag was not difficult to find like how i used 5 days to find her Vietnam flag last time...haha.

Till then.

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