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Super early bday celebration

Last year, when Marissa,Chloe,Amy,Lynda,Cindy celebrate my bday 20+ days before my actual birthdate, i thought it was super early.

And this year, this Marissa who is famous for celebrate ppl's bday early early, actually plan cindy's bday celebration one month plus before her actual birthdate. lol, on the date we got our Eos 5 result(29thMay), and Cindy's actual birthdate is today(10thJuly). So, Happy Birthday ya Cindy Kueh.

The bday girl and her bday's card =)

Sidetrack photo, the brunch jocelyn cook for us on the morning...
Love u guys so much lar. *muaks*

Back to title, this post is about Cindy,
so here's the pic of her n her bday cake. ^_^

Foods collage
No wonder need diet lar. haha...

More photos...
Gonna miss Marissa so much after she go Belfast.

Another photo
the real cute ones and the act cute one behind, Dr Victor Gan..hahahaha...

Group photo

Till then

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