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Stone-ing in Ayer Tawar

Since my blog dont have blog date n time anymore, cause i dono how to add in, and since i had not blog for so long, so all these are super belated post.haha.

On dono when, er before i go Skudai,Johor, one my church member ask us go steamboat, so nice of her, i should love her daughter more next time..haha.
Food photo:
look at the 3 "cute" cartoon fishball, look like those kid's eraser to me. LOL

oh ya i super long time didnt c the red-colour-coated egg, i dono is only my hometown or is common among chinese, the red-colour-coated egg is a MUST for every birthday or baby's full-moon dinner. haha, happy birthday aunty.

the family photo.

Ok i actually still new to photoshop, and i adjust the colour contrast or something something of this photo, and this photo taken from the steamboat restaurant.
in Ayer Tawar my hometown, i think this is a nice picture.

Then on dono what day, i go my grandma house, suppose to learn cooking, ended up i stand there watch her cook. @_@
The Indian Mee on the photo, according to KuiHwa is very famous in my hometown, and i actually dono about this fact after living 10+ years here..haha.

Ok so then on dono what date, i went to my secondary school wth KuiHwa cause she is doing some attachment thingy there. our future teacher leh. lol
ok it's nostalgia.

i love this part of my school the most!! The school gardener must had been doing a great job, cause the whole plantation arrangment, design..etc is also the same when i still a student in this school.

Lastly, since i got nothing better to do, so i will start critic soon. Let's start off wth critic this news, which is obviously not the hottest news now.
the mistake that USM make, and make students disappointed, and according to the news paper, 90% of them are Chinese. So i wonder does Meritocracy still apply in local university application. kononnya only lar.

Well, and now i feel bad criticising USM cause now whenever i heard of USM i feel like giving myself a punch for not going there to study. So, USM is the Best University in Malaysia. LOL
Went back to my Form 6 secondary school, on dono what date oso, and i found this still on the school notice board, so out-dated lar the notice board....
and i realize both me n my form 6 best friend LeeLee didnt go to the university we suppose to go in the end of the day. haha. *punch myself*

Till then.

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