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A lunch worth to blog about

When i called IMU this afternoon...
First, is some auto-generated msg, so i press 0, which will link me to the operator, so...
1st operator : Hello?
Qian : Hello, i would like to ask about financial depart-.....(-ment number)
1st operator : (cut my line) Ok hold on ya.

...wait for 30 seconds...

2nd Operator : Hello?
Qian : Hello, i would like to check something regarding my tuition fees......
2nd Operator : (without any thinking) Ok hold on ya.

...wait for 2 minutes...

Qian : Hello?! - Call Ended - @_@ =_= T_T

So i had to call again, and found out that the person in charge is actually not in and i have to call again later. And when i call again later she is still not in so i have to leave my details and wait for her to call back. So after 2 hours when she call back and i ask about my tuition fees payment status, she told me she have to confirm wth the Cashier Office again, so i have to wait another few days and call again.......Omgosh, i never know that calling IMU Cashier Department is such a troublesome thing. If i knew i will just go back KL and hand in the tuition fees myself. Sigh.

Ok enough complain. Let's blog about what i did today. Since my blog is super out-dated nowadays.
Morning, my sis wake me up and tell me we are going Ipoh. So in 20 minutes time after i woke up, i m inside my mum's car heading to Ipoh, wth my grandma.
We went Jusco, since it's the only place we really know in Ipoh. and can bring my grandma go walk walk. But i didnt shop. Ok i had been a very good girl recently, didnt go shopping for so long. LOL

Me n my sister.

During lunch time, i just know that my mum is actually meeting up wth an Elder from another church and he is treating us lunch!! Whee...=) Ok there is another pastor there too. What an advantage of being a pastor daughter. Got free meals here n there. =_=lll Kidding ok.

Well, the tauke of the restaurant is a nice person, really nice. So i decided to blog about the food here.
First the restaurant,
I dono the address of this restaurant, just know it is at Pasir Puteh, somewhere near Ipoh.

The CRABS!!!
These crabs are still alive one wor. ^_^

Steam Fishball

Eggs wth some special vegetable
The vege, according to the tauke, this vege can make ur eyesight better. So we should eat more. And he give this whole basket of vege to my mum. lol.

Fish Porridge with Scallop. According to the Elder, this is the BEST porridge in Ipoh! =)

Next, this one is really really nice...*drools*
Fish Noodle with Crab & Prawn The crab is fresh and the noodle is japanese noodle.

The tauke purposely turn the noodle over for me to take another photos of the crab.

Other photos
That restaurant is really nice, and not very expensive too...=)

Well, I m suppose to teach tuition now but then the tuition class is cancel again. T_T that's why i m so free to blog. LOL

And our convocation magazine is DONE finally, after delaying for so super long. Well, it suppose to be done long ago, but due to some XYZ reasons.... nvm lar, it's all over now. And i m really glad that it was done!!
So now Jo cant order me around and i wont face the threaten of being kick out of my future house anymore, lol.jk jk...

Oh ya, today is my ex-class monitor Mr Bryan Sia birthday, so happy birthday Bryan. Ok he wont read my blog but nvm lar. Cause his birthdate reminds me that today is 14July,the "Ghost" date. LOL

Till then.

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