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I realize health is very important. This month, July, I edy went to 3 different clinics, wth different ppl. Ok i m not sick, i m very healthy. First, i went wth my mum for her backache, she is fine now. Second, i went wth my grandma, my mum's mother, for her stomach pain. Third, i went wth my another grandma, my dad's mother, for her headache. Next i think i need to went another clinic wth my dad for his health check-up. One of the doctor told me this, we can stop ourselves from getting sick, we can try to maintain our own health, but we cant stop our body from ageing. Ageing is a process that everyone need to go through. I kind of agree wth that doctor. Once we get older, our body will sure undergoes many changes, women will have menopause, men wont be as energetic as they are when they are young. So i think, Health is really important, we should take care of our health from young.

One more thing, i watch 17 Again yesterday, this movie shown on Korean Airline when i went Korea, but too bad i was sleeping that time so didnt get to watch, so i download it myself. And i like the main actress in the movie, Scarlet, cause i think she is a very wise woman. At least when a young guy show his love for her, she knows how to reject and state her stand. This remind me of a pastor in Johor, edy 43 years old, but still psycho a young man and get close to him everytime. Yuakssss.. Think of her oso i feel like vomit. Oh, worst till, that church main authority keep asking whoever related in this case to shut their mouth, so that the reputation of the church wont drop. LOL, can u imagine this type of church exist. Omgosh.

Ok i m done ranting. Better save my brain cell to make sure my tuition student score good result in SPM n PMR.

Till then.

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