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Due post

Suppose to blog this long ago. but cause i was more worry about our convo magazine progression + i lazy to blog + i was so addicted to facebook last month + some family issues to deal wth, so didnt blog much last month.

Erm, i oso got nothing much to type. Ya, I went Skudai, Johor last month, first cause my brother work there, 2nd cause there's a church teens camp, 3rd i was still blur on what to do for holiday. So i went, and be such a good girl that go church everyday there.

Well, i m suppose to criticize some weird + evil ppl there, but not in this post, cause that MissXYZ really very black-hearted that even a super nice person cant stand. Omgosh. Nvm not now, and i should forgive. haha.

Here's the photos:
The teens

The super narcissistic one and the pretty one

I got lots of proof of him being super narcissistic, ppl go church be good girl good boy, he go there take photo of himself, ok I should talk to him more and fulfill my duty. Pls believe that he can change. lol U heard me right Mr NgoHuiQian!!

This suppose to be a very nice shoot
cause we suppose to act as if we look alike, but it turn out the other way round. =( Nvm, Geok San still a very pretty girl. =)

Oh ya since it's a teens camp, so they invite a i-dono-who-is-he singer from singapore, he is the one wrote one of Jolin Tsai's song "ma de li bu si yi" (in chinese). Well he do have a great testimony to share
His name is Chen Meng Chi, i dono his Eng name. That's all i know about him.

The group photo

Ok since i m in my hometown, and some of my friends are in hometown when i first started my holiday...so we met up on some random days.
in 88 wth my secondary school friends from SMJKAT. Everyone still look the same.

Wan Xin - Shin Chin. Shin Chin is super nice ok cause she purposely go fetch Wan Xin to the gathering and this wanxin still complain alot. Ok nvm we are still good friends. lol

Then on some random day, we decided to go watch movie, in the hometown's cinema. That's actually my 1st time watching a movie in my own hometown. =_=lll The cinema is still new, but not many ppl there. and thanks to VeeEe that edy watch Terminator so we have to go watch Blood:The Last Vampire, such a not nice movie!! Anyway, really glad that we do get to meet up and catch up. =)
Photos taken after the movie, at one of the coffee shop in Sitiawan.
The girls

The guys + models of the day.

Sin Wei - Vee Ee - Jia Ying - Qian Jin - Yvon Loi - Qian Hui

Lastly, this gathering really worth mention, cause in order to meet up, 3 of us, the Form 6 bestie, have to make appointment wth each other ONE MONTH ago, on msn. LOL. Glad that the appointment actually work!
It was a really nice evening, for us to catch up and share our life and talk about our future and our plans and etc etc girls talk. I miss two of them la... Shu Jun - Lee Lee - Qian Hui
Oh ya WeePeixin u still owe me Sushi King, so dont think that u r my best friend's bf now u can escape that promise!!!!!!

Till then.

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