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chloe's 21st

It's super belated, but i must blog about this, at least put some pictures here.
On 19thJune, one day after dear Chloe's actual birthday! We went Sunway Lagoon...Yeah. Lol. Cause that's was my first time been to Sunway Lagoon theme park. And it's really fun.
Thanks to SiewKim, who make "Lost of the World" our first game there, so the rest of the game dont seem to be scary anymore. Er, at least for me lar, cause i think Lost of the World is the scariest game of all the games we played that day.
What to do, my parents actually dont allow me to play those theme park games esp roller coaster so i actually dont have chance to sit on roller coaster before, and that day was my first time on roller coaster. @_@
Sunway Lagoon! The dry park and the wet park. =)

Fun we had there:
Ok the pirate ship only Ash,TjunHoe,SiewKim playing, so scary wei, 360 degress somemore, the rest of us girls + kienjeen only sit down there and open our mouth big big and take pictures. omgosh. And for the wet park, it was really really FUN.

More pic on wet park.
We even do a cheerleading stunt there!! Oh well, all of us from IMU that went that day are Diamonds Cheerleaders, and cheer captain + dance captain!!!!!!
Oh ya because TjunHoe was too naughthy that day, cause he kept kicking water toward the rest of us...@@, so he lost his specs in the sea, and we spent more than half an hour searching for his specs. In the end, his best-imcc-partner KienJeen found it, lucky u kienjeen! So both of them doing the Ribenna advertisement Scene there, the one Ribenna + Lemon one... Swt both of them. LOL.

Ok, dinner was held @ Chloe's favourite ZanMai Sushi
This sushi is recommended by KienJeen, cause it's very nice, and i actually still dono what's the name of this dish, according to the comments on facebook, it contain avocados, then the rest of it i dono. kienjeen help~~@@@@@...

Oh ya we bought Chloe the princess' favourite, Hello Kitty doll!!! and it's PINK colour.
So this FongZhiVen for dono-what-reason go kidnapped it and "raped" it. Omgosh, he study too much that day i think. Pei-Wen ask ur bf behave properly in public next time k..hahaha...jk jk.

And here the princess photo! + the 21st birthday cake.
Finally turning 21st. Happy super belated birthday again Chloe. haha.
Lollilollilollipop girl!!!!!!! =) really miss chloe now. =) the gujunpyo's no 1 fans. haha.

This pictures are funny, tjunhoe our entertainer of the night,
first, with his body roll move, then dono why the ballon stuck on his leg so he has to remove the knot cause if not he has to move around wth that ballon. lol lol lol. Btw these picture taken by Jo, not me. >.<
I started to imagine what drama will i get in Seremban two months later, hehe.. *highfive to siewkim!!*

Next, few photos to show...

Another one,
Excuse me, cheeleong n andrew, the dress code of the party is "PINK,YELLOW or BLUE"!!!!!!!

Finally the group photo! Wth Lollipop, since it was the theme of the party...
ok joohor went back early, siewkim go toilet, so too bad they r not in the group photo. and yes, look at tjunhoe pose again...=_=lll

ok a quick update of my daily life, alot of things happen recently and i really think i can go create a movie edy. That's why nowadays i dont watch TV cause there is enough drama for me to watch in real life. LOL.

Btw, fighting for properties until making the parents sad is really really a bad attitude. Being a youth leader in church but still hide alot of secret from church members and twisitng ppl's word and destroying own member's future and destroy ppl's family is a sin.S-I-N.sin!! Using the sentence u-cannot-touch-my-integrity to protect own self when do something wrong/shameful just because u r someone well-respect by ppl is really a joke of the day for me. And i realize most evil and greedy ppl are women, old women, women that reach or nearly reach their menopause period. What a shame of my own species. And if u r reading this, I bet u cant guess who m i talking about cause it's really surprising, even i cant take it initially. I just hope my family will stay strong and trust God more for all the things happen.

Till then.

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